Tired of looking for files on websites that limit your download speeds? Tired of waiting 60 seconds for the download link to appear? Tired of those pesky porn pop-ups that appear when you’re on a public computer? Drawpr knows your needs and it has implemented a free drop-box like service in which you can share files with your friends no matter where they are around the world. All they need is an internet connection and the link.


  • Drawpr requires no software installation, which makes it easier for users to get on a public computer and share their files instantly.
  • Sharing is as easy as clicking on the bucket, no need to browse around the website looking for the upload section. The website even has arrow animations that guide you when you want to upload your first file.
  • Drawpr has no waiting times, no limit on the amount of uploads or downloads and an easy-to-use website.
  • The web application allows you to share files without having to sign up, this saves you time and gives you privacy as well.
  • Speaking of privacy, you can either share your files with everyone, or you can keep them private by using a private bucket. The settings are available as soon as you upload the file, making the process even easier.
  • Signing up is short and easy, making it user friendly. It also gives you the ability to keep your file links forever. Users who do not sign up have their bucket for only 60 days after the last download or upload.
  • Your information is completely yours and the website never takes your information for other purposes. The only thing they retain is the information that you use to sign-up with.
  • The features you have now on Drawpr will remain free, since they do plan to start charging for extra services and features in the future, so keep yourself updated on their blog.
  • Sharing files has been made easier, Drawpr provides a sharing option in which you can share your files through Facebook, whether you post it on your wall or send it as a message. Make sure that you add them on Twitter as well!


  • The website application is relatively new, so they are still on their beta stage and they might have a few bugs lying around. They do take your input to improve on their features, so make sure that you send your suggestions to improve their website.
  • There is a 50 MB upload limit which will be changed in the new future, they just need to work on the minor things in order to expand.
  • Again, if you do not sign up, your files remain on the website for 60 days, then they have the right to delete them, so make sure to sign-up if you like the service.
  • There might be new changes to the upload limits, yet their service is unlimited for the time being, so take advantage of this.
  • Whatever you upload on their website is your responsibility, so make sure that you do not copy anything from other websites or documents that might cause trouble in the future.


The website is a great tool and it seeks to be different from the rest. It has a lot of potential if they get to keep their services free and at least an unlimited amount of uploads per user. Their feedback is easy to access because it’s always on the left side of the page.

Users can visit this web app at http://drawpr.com/ and post your comments here.