Whether you own a small factory or a big multi-national company, it is a general problem to handle the working staff timely. It is very difficult to check manually whether all the employees are reporting according to the set time table or not. It is very normal for each employee to come after a delay of 5-10 minutes whether it is the start of day or lunch. So, it becomes a necessity for the owner to track all of them accurately to cut out the losses. Of course, it is almost impossible to do this manually and there must be an automated solution to this problem. This idea gives rise to the development of TimeWellScheduled.

TimeWellScheduled, is a web app which offers you efficient management of your work schedules and payrolls. It is a cloud based system i.e. a server which combines many digital systems of different capacities and allows them to interact mutually. The application is customizable as per your needs and fits the needs for everyone. You can add different departments and employees for each department separately. Also, the ease of use makes it superior to other software available in the market.

All you need is to enter the data of each employee in the system. The data may include his/her personal information, shift timings, payrolls, etc. Also, there is a no. of ways available for check in like card swap, password, etc.  So, after the data has been fed, your job is done. Whenever the employee checks in, the time will be recorded in the data. If the employee is late, even the software will ask for a reason. All this data keeps on accumulating in the server and will be accessible to the manager. So, the manager can contact the person later on for the justification.

Also, there a no. of other features which add to the time saved. There is a messaging feature which enables the manager to contact the staff members and employees regarding some important information to be shared. The manager can message the information to concerned employees which may be regarding a holiday or shift change. The access to the site can be restricted to just checking the schedules for employees. The employees can also ask for leave or a shift change through the software. The payrolls can also be managed quite efficiently. The accounts of the employees and company are synced with the software with the appropriate information already fed. You can change the payroll any time you want due to promotion. So, the accounting department is also relieved to a certain extent.

The costs of the software are $48/month for up to 24 employees. After that, it will $2 extra to the cost per employee. The costs are very affordable looking at the increase in profits you will be getting. It is in reach even for a small company holder to maximize the profit values. The software has recently been used and recommended by Canadian Tyre. They used it and experienced a considerable change in their work efficiency and profits.

TimeWellScheduled is a powerful tool with interesting features and is easy to use. With its cheap pricing, they have made it accessible to everyone.

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