If you are in internet marketing or SEO services, then it becomes a must for you to know about the needs of the audience in different areas of the world where you are targeting your products. Even if you just go for an evening walk, you will meet many different people with different thinking levels and ideas. And if you are working in a multi-national company, then it is just unavoidable. Your target public speaks different languages and their lifestyles are totally different. So, one option is to go to each area personally and analyze the market parameters. But the other one looks more suitable, which is to install GeoEdge in your browser and see what they see, sitting at home.

GeoEdge is a web application that works on the geographical platform. It is actually a proxy tool that enables you to browse the web content of some other location as if you are actually browsing from that area. It comprises of a toolbar that offers you different options to match your search criteria. There are over 100 countries listed. To make sure that you don’t waste much time looking for one, all of them are arranged in Continents, which they are a part of. For example, if your location is Australia, but you need to see a page as if how it looks to a person in US. Then, you just need to select that page and change your current location to US, it’s that simple. You’ll be watching the same content as one residing in US.

The app runs smooth and there is not much delay in switching from one location to another. It is compatible with both, Firefox and Google Chrome and every windows version. There are some interesting features like Mobile emulation, which enables you to view the same page as if it was opened on a mobile phone like android or any IOS device, etc. There is also a smart integration ‘snap-it’ which helps you to build a consolidated view of pages and ads from several locations. So you can just select your favorite one and you are good to go.

GeoEdge helps to let you know about the different search criteria followed with different pages ranked higher in Google rankings. It is a core source for SEO service providers as their job is to optimize the results by analyzing the keywords searched most. If on one hand, for media agencies, it gives them an idea about the competition in that local area, for advertisers, it provides them access to the different ads being used for a same page at different locations. Different packages and plans are offered by the company like $59/month or $99/month, depending upon your requirements. Each package consists of a free-trial, which is valid for about 7 days. So, you can try their app and if you don’t like it, you can cancel your package within that trial period. There’s also a free package with limited access. They also offer tools like GeoEdge analytics and GeoEdge search. These are more oriented towards media agencies and SEOs.

The idea of the GeoEdge is unique and really works well. But the packages seem to be a little more costly than expected. It then depends a lot upon the user. If you do make enough profits so that you can pay for it comfortably, you should definitely go for this one. Otherwise, there is no point of investing your money for the specified purpose.

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