It may have occurred thousand no. of times in a company or an organization that a worker wants a vacation of 2-3 days and when he/she approaches the manager; the date is already booked by some other person. This is very often due to lack of mutual communication i.e. no media for the manager to interact directly with all the workers at the same time. But when there is a solution for every problem, why not for this one.

Timetastic is a web based application that serves the above purpose with many other useful applications. But the core purpose of the app is to help you to book your holiday in advance so that there is no conformity problem later on. All you have to do is just log in to your account on the site and go to ‘request some time off’. There, enter the details and send the request. Your request will be send as an email to your boss and your boss has just to respond to the email as ‘Yes’ and your holiday is confirmed. You can add your boss in your account in ‘add staff’ option. Also, you can ask for half day leaves.

The main convenience it brings to you is that you can book your holiday in advance and you don’t have to approach your boss each time. Also, your boss can now clearly check on all the vacations booked by different workers by adding all of them in his account and then sort out all the problems instantly if there is some clashing of the dates between two.

The user interface is very simple and expressive in itself. There are different tabs and you can navigate in between them very easily. The calendar shows all the holidays booked by you. There are some pre-set patterns of working days and different holidays which mostly are proposed in every industry. Also, you can ask for leave as per your needs i.e. either if it is a sick leave or for marriage. One of the main features which we liked was that you can add more than one department in the same account and assign a boss to each of them. In this way, you can handle the complete organization from a single account.

The app can also be operated via a mobile phone. So, there is no need to go to office. Also, all that paper work is saved. No need to use those spreadsheets or applications for each and every leave. Just book your holiday from the phone. The app is currently available in beta version and is free of cost. But it will soon be updated to live version, then the first 3 employees will be charged nothing and each additional employee will be charged 50p.

Overall, the app is a good one and really fulfils the purpose completely. There is no reason to avoid it as it does not demand any initial investment e.g. some device installment in the company to run the application. It is a simple app that can be run on any computer or phone from anywhere. The only area where we feel there could be some development was that the app is very much purpose specific and should also include some extra side features to make it more profitable for the user.

We will give this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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Web App Link :   Timetastic WebApp