If you are a webmaster who has designed and launched a website, you would most likely be interested in knowing the web statistics of your site and also love to hear responses from the users themselves. All this can be done for free when you register with UserReport.com. This web application offers web analytics service which basically helps in generating reports and provides exact statistics of the website visitors. UserReport.com provides a wide variety of features with which you gain even more detailed information about the website. The main features are an online survey, user feedback button and forum tool plus click tracking and heatmaps. The features all help you identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the website and ensures that the users visiting the site are benefited to the maximum.

Features and Benefits:

Easy to Start – In order to experience the services of UserReport.com, all you need to do is register by creating a free account and adding your website’s name in it. Following this, you have to include a small piece of code in each html page of your website.

Online Survey – The online survey helps to design any kind of survey for gathering information from the customers. It can also be customized according to the website owner’s preference with their brand name, logo and also any color theme.

Feedback Forum – Getting direct reviews and ideas from the users of your website is always the best source of information, since it is directly from the users of your site. Get a feedback button for your website and let users share their ideas with you.

Demographic reports – The demographic reports show you exactly what kind of people visit your website, whether they are men or women, young or old, the age group which they belong to, who accessed your website and from which location etc.

Click Tracking and Heatmaps – Find out where people click on your website by creating multible heatmaps and click maps for your site. This feature even enables you to see if men and women click in different areas of a specific webpage.

Google Analytics Integration – The demographic data collected with the online survey can be integrated with Google analytics to help you analyze the data in Google Analytics with a demographic perspective.

Very Advanced Style of Reporting – All reports are available to you online at your UserReport account, but you may also export your reports to other formats and e-mail them.

Comparing Your Site’s Performance – There is an option in which you can easily compare the success and performance of your site with your competitors.

360 Degree Assessment of Your Website – Users determine the success of anywebsite, hence you can easily measure the user satisfaction when they answer the pre-tested list of questions available in UserReport.com. There is also an option which allows you to add questions of your choice.

Share Reports – You can share your reports and statistics with other key members in your group by assigning them the appropriate roles and access permissions such as read only, administrator etc.

Dash Board – It is the place where you can view overall information about the site and the various features through which it is assessed, in just a glance. There is an option to set the time period for the data to get refreshed.

Bottome Line:

UserReport.com has amazing features and it gives a detailed report on your website. It acts as an excellent feedback forum and also helps in gaining the crowd intelligence of people who use your website.

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