You deserve to be adeptly treated with absolute dignity and respect at work, whether in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, defence, technology, finance, or service. Under federal and California law, you are entitled to labour and employment protections. Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers can assist you if your employer has violated your labour rights.

Before establishing Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers, their attorneys represented large national and regional corporations in labour and employment law disputes. They now limit practice to only representing employees in California litigation.

With us, employment lawyers know how to defend businesses against claims for unpaid wages and overtime, discrimination, and wrongful termination. We put that knowledge, expertise, and insight to good use for our clients.

Ferraro Vega carefully selects the cases we file on our client’s behalf. When they accept a case, they work on a contingency basis, which means there is no fee unless they successfully win or settle the case. They recognize how difficult a job loss, unfair treatment, or unpaid wages can be for you and your family.

Why Must I Hire Ferraro Vega to Resolve My Labor Conflict?

It would help if you were not forced to handle your case alone. Hiring a labour lawyer to represent you is a wise decision. Here are a few reasons why you must contact San Diego Employment Lawyers as soon as you decide to take action.

What Are My Workplace Rights in California?

California is an at-will employment state. An employer has the right to fire you anytime and for any reason. They cannot, however, fire you or take other disciplinary action against you in retaliation for engaging in a protected, safe activity, such as reporting a company or supervisor for violating employment law, requesting disability accommodations, or filing a workplace discrimination or harassment complaint. Similarly, an employer cannot fire you because of a protected characteristic (race, religion, disability, age, etc.).

Employees have innumerable additional rights under state and federal law. Most importantly, you have the whole right to be compensated fairly for your work, including overtime, meal period premiums, rest break premiums, and reimbursements. You also have the right to work in an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. Similarly, you may ask for realistic workplace accommodations for a disability.

Final Summary

Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers, Inc. is a labour and employment legal firm portraying plaintiffs in litigation across California. Ferraro Vega San Diego Employment Lawyers conducts business throughout Southern California. Ferraro Employment Law, Inc., founded in 2018, is operated and owned by Nicholas J. Ferraro and Lauren N. Vega.

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