text_burstAd campaigns are one of the essentials of marketing and can make a huge difference to your business and bottom line.

If you think that you have to individually send text messages to your clients to advertise special offers and promotions, think again. Textburstis a web application that makes sending bulk text message updates easy and takes hardly any time at all.

If you need to contact a group of people at a particular time, Textburstis the right web app for you. It has a handy scheduling tool to help you out. Just create a list of mobile numbers, type out your message and schedule it to be sent either now or at a time to suite your customers. Getting the time right translates into a higher chance of your message being noticed, read and acted on.

The website has a number of blogs to help out new users by providing them with tips on how to get started and upload their contacts.

Textburst has an international reach and it takes only seconds to send bulk messages to mobile network operators worldwide. As well as sending out messages, you can also receive messages by purchasing a long number from the app.

Signing up for Textburst is extremely simple all you need is to enter is your name, email address and mobile. There is no obligation or tie in to stay on once you begin.

The app makes text message advertising stress-free for small and big companies alike.

Good: User guides for almost everything

Bad: You need to collect your own customer mobile numbers to advertise

Worth Trying WebApp – Try it today