It’s very normal that you are searching for something very important on internet and after spending a full day, you finally find it. Let it be a story from a newspaper article that really inspired you but now you can’t find the newspaper. But the real point of frustration arrives when you just can’t copy the text and you want to keep it with you. You just can’t every time open that link again and again to read the story. But there is a solution to every problem and here we have for this one.

I am talking about the latest Android app called Copy Paste Any Text. The app has been developed by TheSimplest.Net and is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3.3 or any later version of the OS. Let’s see how this app works!
The app works on the simple principle of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is used a lot nowadays and you can find it in many other apps in the same genre. But the main advantage of this app is that it doesn’t require rooting. So if you have a non rooted phone, then there are many apps that won’t run on your phone but this will. All you have to do is take a screenshot of whatever you want to take the text out of. But sometimes, the image comprises of pictures as well as text or you just don’t want the complete text. To filter the text you want separately, use the selection window to create an envelope around the text and wrap it up. Then copy the text and it’ll be copied to the clipboard.

Apart from the simple-to-use procedure, the portfolio of this app is also better than the rest is because you don’t need any internet connection to use it. So it’s not necessary that the page should be from an internet browser and you can copy the text from any image whether it’s from your photo album or anything. Moreover, you can share the copied text directly via WhatsApp.
The app is compatible with many different languages and that’s a plus point. Some of them are English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Hebrew, Malay, Swedish, etc. However, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages do face some challenges in copy/paste.

There are a few limitations however. The URL capture button doesn’t work very well and the app doesn’t capture the screenshot automatically. You’ll have to do it manually and that’s something very irritating. Though the latest Android devices have a simple shortcut to take a screenshot, the older versions have a long way to go through.

This app comes for free in the Play Store and is a very simple and good option for copy/pasting text from images. The trial version of this app allows only 5 copy/pastes and for more, you’ll have to buy the paid version which is available for Rs. 91.98 in the Play Store.

Pros: no internet connection required; copy text from any image; selection window to filter text; multi-lingual support; free.

Cons: screenshots not captured automatically; URL not captured effectively every time.

I will give this app 4 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App