A pretty cool bowling game application, which is designed wonderfully with simple and elite visual effects. The game is designed in a way play in all iDevices. The backgrounds, sound effects, graphical effects and everything gives you a real time fun experience of Bowling game. The game is well integrated with iPhone’s game center. The best thing about this game is you can play on multiple devices with your account and always be connected to your friends circle. Bowl with me stands out to spin the ball physics when you play the game. It allows you to understand the bowling physics easily with it’s spin feature and once you have learned it, you can rock on realtime bowling games.


Mere opening of the game application prompts you with three different options to play the game. Either you connect this game application using you Facebook id which inturn allows you empower a bowling challenge within your Facebook friends. the Second option is registering through email address which inturn allows you to invite your friends to this wonderful challenge through emails. The third and final option is playing as a guest. The guest role is one of the special thing about this game as most of us don’t want anybody else to use our profile when we share our gadgets with them. If anyone other than you wants to play the game on your gadget they can either play as a guest or you can invite them using email or Facebook.


This game offers bonus coins when you register through Facebook or Email. Using these coins you can procure new bowling balls from a variety of wonderful colors and designs. The bowling balls are categorized in three different sections standard, Deluxe and Premium. The key difference on these categories are mainly based on the weight and design of the balls.

‘Bowl with me’ has three different gaming modes, Practice mode, Head to head and Team play. Practice mode is where you can play as a standalone single player and improve your gaming skills and earn coins. In head to head games you can either challenge your friends for a high score or you can challenge any random person around the world. Your challenge doesn’t need to be with anyone who is currently online, you can challenge with offline players aswell. Team play mode is where you can team up with any of your friends and challenge other team of two players. This game also have a career stats section where you can review your gaming progress. The high scores menu gives you clear idea of where exactly you are ranked around the globe.


If you are a free loader you can gain free coins by watching few advertisement videos, inviting new friends and by tweeting about this game on twitter. Being a free loader is not always fun as you would see lot of annoying advertisements at the bottom of the game. Yes this game is not an exception of advertisements and ofcourse you have option to remove them permanently by upgrading your free version to the Deluxe version with just $1.99 . Purchasing Deluxe mode not only removes the advertisements but also allows you to double the coins when you play games in practice mode. Isn’t it fun enough? If you are so addicted to this game you can spend some more money to purchase coins and they provide variety of offers for purchasing coins as well. Other than the annoying advertisement, there are no cons in this game. Everything is designed perfectly to fit the Bowling game standards.

Worth Having Game –  Download the Game here