Internet has developed into a public place where people love to share, talk and connect with their friends and family anywhere in the world. It is like a cafeteria where you come, sit and spend hours just for fun. So, what’s a better option for a company to endorse their product to a huge mass than at this point of space? Social marketing has become a topic of wide interest among the businessman and market analysts who know its importance as well as the impact it delivers comparable to other traditional methods of marketing and accordingly, there are millions of tools developed everyday in this field. Here’s one that has recently arrived the market.

Social Defender is a web application that empowers you to control the success of your brand on social networking sites. If you are endorsing your brand, you need some feedback to improve what you are currently delivering and that’s what the purpose of this application; to allow you to keep a track of minute updates about your brand on your page on the corresponding site or channel. Their program monitors all the activities going around all the social sites and updates them instantaneously. So you get fast results without a delay. You can appoint staff members and workers to coordinate the different channels. However, these coordinators will not be able to access your system passwords and security. So, they can only handle the job assigned to them and nothing else.

With Social Defender- Social Monitoring Software, you can handle all your brands at all media channels and sites like face book, Twitter, YouTube, etc. at a single place. There is no need to toggle between different areas to check for the updates. You can always account for what is being said about your brands, your competitors and the services. You can himself analyze the results and also, their analytics also provide you feedback about your future goals and recommended plans which can be followed.

The best thing with Social Defender in terms of service costs is that it provides you with a free account that is valid forever. Of course, it has some limited features like you can only endorse 1 brand in total, but still, if you own a small brand or want to cut costs as more as possible, you can go for this one. There are two paid plans, Silver plan for $19.95 and Gold plan for $39.95 per year, which is quite affordable, differing for the no. of brands and staff members manageable.

The app provides a very simple solution to real time problems where you are not able to manage more than one brands at a time. Also, it does not involve any software installation to your device and can be operated from anywhere in the world. This adds to its utility when you are travelling or away from your office. So, on the whole, the app is beautifully designed and does not require any extra skill from your side to handle it. Its easy controls and detailed pattern make it even more interesting. Also, its free version is a sure shot to look for, if you want to satisfy yourself first to buy it.

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