Who doesn’t love flowers? A single rose is enough to tie up a broken relationship. Even the rudest of the hearts melt when gifted a bouquet. But flowers are flowers only when fresh. So, if you’re planning to gift some flowers to your friend and want the flowers to be exotic and from the farthest corners of earth, you must be ordering them online as the local stores don’t offer such services. So, the biggest point you need to keep in mind is that the flowers are fresh and instantly delivered. But who promises that service? Well, I guess that the name is Interflora.

Interflora is a web app or more rightly a website which is a flower store. The store is like the ‘Wallmart’ of flowers. You just need to create an account and enter your address details and then you can look out for different kinds of flowers available from spring, luxury to wedding flowers. Just name any flower and you’d find it there. Each bouquet is tagged with a price and period by which the delivery will be made. This is helpful if you’re in need of some urgent order.Moreover, you can also read reviews from other customers about a bouquet. You can also enter a particular price range to search for. While the spring flowers are available at affordable rates, if you are brave enough to dig deep inside your pocket, you can go for the luxury bouquets which have been created from some of the rarest flowers.

The website has been designed by an expert from what it looks. The intuitively designed layout supports easy navigation to each of the corners of the website. Additionally, Interflora not only provides flowers but also other gifts such as Champagne, Hamper, Wine, etc. which are available in different packages. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can trust on the Valentine’s Day gifts from Interflora. They have created special packages including flowers and other gifts, all available under affordable prices. You can find these gifts here Valentine’s day gift Ideas from Interflora

Currently there is one competition going on Interflora. All the designers out there listen carefully. You have to design a bouquet under a worth of £100 and if your design gets selected by the florists of Interflora, you’ll win yourself an iPad 3. So, if you think you have the skill to design a beautiful bouquet, don’t miss the action.

I liked the whole idea of My Interflora Creation. They deliver flowers instantly and also they offer international delivery. Though the offers are not same for all countries and UK is the luckiest nation, still their range is so wide that can’t be imagined. I first though that the bouquets are expensive, but then what I noted is that sometimes even the flower vase is also available with the bouquet. Also, other than the luxury flowers, all other packages are very much affordable. So, I would recommend this app to everyone out there.

Web App Link:   My Interflora Creation