Kanban Tool is a smart visual project management application with real-time collaboration that allows teams to get work done faster. Kanban Tool helps companies manage client’s workflow, analyze and improve business process, reduce waste and maximize customer value. It is based on the Kanban method originally introduced by Toyota.

In order to cater all levels of customers, the tool is offered in affordable plans ranging from free to enterprise levels. A wide range of people from non-profit and educational organizations are greatly benefited by their special discounts.

How It Works

With Kanban tool the advancement of the project can be very well monitored. You can utilize the available kanban cards, colors, swimlanes, tags and due dates which to envision your work progress on the kanban board.

The online Kanban board is fully customizable; you can change all the options according to your requirements. Colored sticky notes assist to organize your work on the online kanban board. At the same time you can visualize, control and optimize your workflow. You can make use of the mouse or the touch screen to drag and drop the task. Once your work is done it can be sent to archive, that gives some space for recent data storage.

A great advantage is that you can get together with other team members in real time environment. Project managers can also fix roles for each and every team member with the appropriate work task. Kanban analytics and metrics are unique features that recognize and track the problems immediately and help to improve the work efficiency. Comparison can be done with the previous work (i.e.) the total time taken, speed of the work, efficiency and final result. Therefore, the next time when you start to work on a similar type of project, you can predict and schedule everything accordingly. This would give you a better idea and save a lot of time and energy.  You can measure the project cycle time using the cumulative flow diagram. Break down charts give you a quick insight on the status of the project.

Types of Online Kanban Boards:

There are different types of online kanban boards namely the personal Kanban boards, time driven workflow kanban boards and Kanban boards for software development teams.

Personal Kanban Board:  This is the simplest Kanban board consisting of three columns namely to Do, Doing and Done. It is suitable for individuals and for simple projects. There is a flow of work, which starts from the left column and moves to the right columns until the work is done and leaves the workflow once the work is finished. The work to be done is divided into tasks and each task should be written on a Kanban card separately.

Time driven workflow example of Kanban board:  Time driven workflow is suitable for those who plan in advance.  Time driven board is organized into: To-do/Future, This week, Tomorrow, Doing/In Progress and Done columns. This is nothing but a perfect replacement for your calendar.

Kanban board for software development team:  Software development Kanban board consists of the Backlog, Ready, Coding, Testing, Approval and Done columns.

When you see your work on the Kanban board, you will understand it better and may plan you next task of work accordingly. With the help of the Kanban tool, you can easily visualize, organize and analyze your work in line with Kanban method.

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