Tired of having to hire people to advertise your store everywhere but online? Thinking of opening your own online store to increase revenue? Then you should try out Made Freshly ( Online Store Web App ), a web application that provides easy step by step instructions to build your own online store in a professional way. Made Freshly was made for people who want to make a website with their own taste. It was also made for people who do not have coding knowledge required to make great websites in a short amount of time. How much time are we talking about? It all depends on the size of your inventory, your payment plan, and your effort into making a custom website with your own personal taste.

One thing we can be sure of is that your website can run in just a few minutes once you put in your items, the pictures and their respective descriptions. Made Freshly uses Google Fonts for the Store-Front fonts, which catches the eye much easier.Speaking of search engines, Made Freshly includes Search Engine Optimization, so that people can find your website easily and effortlessly once they type in their search on Google as well as other websites with search engines.

All store web pages have a simple navigation system which is great for incoming customers for browsing. The layouts do not look too simple, or too overwhelming to manage for the sake of the customer. When you look at social network integration, Made Freshly has the option to include Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on your online store so that customers can easily access online offers as well as coupon codes for feedback. If you seek a secure online store in which your customers can trust, Made Freshly provides SSL encryption. Spread the word about this great service to each and every one of your friends and family, specially if you have a small business because this website is definitely worth it.

When you compare pricing options you have up to three plans to choose from and the one you pick depends on the amount of items you would want to list as well as the pictures per item that you can have. Right now, the Tasty plan offers a free plan for anyone who is willing to post no more than 25 items online. Of course, you can switch plans later on if your business grows because this fee is billed on a monthly basis. The Tasty plan, as stated above, provides an online web store for up to 25 items, with limited amount of pictures per items and some limitations.

You can set up your payment plans with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard as well as others which make this website like any other. The only difference would be that your store will have a completely different touch and a bigger crowd with all the features that Made Freshly can offer.The Delicious Plan is worth $19.99 a month and you will get more pictures per item, up to one hundred products to upload, 6 images per item for best results and more custom pages compared to the Tasty Plan. The scrumptious plan is worth $34.99 a month and you have the option to post up to 500 products as well as an unlimited amount of themes, and more pages than the delicious plan. You can search the blog for selling strategies as well as layout recommendations if you’re new at making business happen as well as in website design. It would be great to keep the website on your RSS feed or on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter so you can find out about the great options available.

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