Do you have ipad in your hand ? Waiting for a wonderful adventurous game to show your talent ? Yeah, here you are. Hill Stone Animation studios, a part of AJ square Inc software company has released wonderful adventurous game for brave players to have fun with time pass.  If you are apple store member, definitely you would be heard about “STREET NINJA” the game for ipad.

Developers has created the game with simple but interesting story line behind it. They narrated the story in an attractive way and thats what pull players to buy and play it. As per story line, the player of the game will play the Ninja role.  Ninja- a brave, adventurous road side hero.  Ninja character in this game is supposed to help the cops, who are trying to catch the criminals.

Street ninja (gamer ) has to arrest all the 5 criminals to help cops. The game has totally five exotic levels and in each level, ninja has to arrest a culprit.  Developers has named this game street ninja, because the fight between ninja and criminal will happen in streets.

Player will have mighty sword in his hands to smash the objects which are thrown by the criminals. You can crash your fingers on the screen to break and smash the objects to secure more points, to catch the criminal in that level.  Objects thrown by escapees in each level will be different to add more freshness to the new level of the game.

Cool graphics and wonderful sound tracks adds more value to the game play. Totally the concentration based game to arrest all the criminals in five levels. The game available on apple store for just $0.99, really worth it.

Are you brave enough ? If so, do your role best in the game to arrest all the five criminals and help cops.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here