A disposable email is also termed a temporary or self-destructing email. These emails come in handy nowadays when you need to sign in for any discussion forum, blog or website. This is very useful when you want to sign in without disclosing your primary email address. This allows you to post anonymous comments, download files, view premium content and do a lot more without exposing your permanent email address. 

A disposable email account comes with its inbox, reply and forward functions and it is simply a service that sends messages to the primary email account of the users. Mailper.com is a tool that assists you in creating disposable emails. It allows users to set up a unique email address for every sender or recipient combination. This is very much useful when you want to enter an email address to spam lists or other untrustworthy entities. The most common case where this situation may arise is when you need to register in different online websites for discussion, chat rooms, online shopping, bulletin boards and file hosting services. 

Mailper.com relieves you from the annoying email spam that you receive every day and it comes as a great tool for all Internet users. This service allows you to receive emails at a temporary address that expires when a particular period elapses. The users have options to make their custom domains. There are also options where the mailbox can be configured such that all incoming messages can be forwarded to some other email address. Another most interesting feature of this website is email tags. Using this, users will be able to send some additional information to the recipient along with the email. The website is neatly designed and you won’t have any trouble navigating through this.

The current version 1.1.0 of Mailper.com comes with different plans: Anonymous, Authenticated and Professional. The number of disposable and persistent mailboxes, forward messages and custom domains vary with the plan you choose. The professional plan comes for a price of $4.99/month. The team of Mailper.com ensures that your privacy is the utmost priority. The user has the options to log in anonymously and protects his identity completely. When they need to access the mailboxes on other devices, they are required to log in using their social id (Google, Facebook or Apple id) and they ask for a piece of very less information about you. If you have any issues or wish to submit the feedback, you can write to contact@mailper.com.

Protect yourself from the spammers as you sign in with Mailper.com