Remaining associated with loved ones is the best thing in life to reinforce the relationship and create availability however it is irritating to recall all the password of different networking sites to ease out communication and if you are desperate of having all the social media and social networking in one single platform to form glue bond relationship for connecting like-minded people then you are the right spot yes apparently it is Movespot application.

Movespot is an exceptionally planned IOS application with really implicit highlights for intriguing associations. This platform enables you to have a friendly environment with new people and provides you an exceptional social familiarity within the app. Movespot is a well-made and eye-catching solution for those wanting to get in touch with friends and family exclusively through an iOS gadget.  Movespot is purely an app with no web-based interface. This brings with it some added flexibility for the service. Most notably, everything has been designed with the IOS phone in mind.

About Movespot

Move spot was created for social app lovers to experience unique all-around true social experience. Movespot aims for everyone to use the App , especially Gen z users. Movespot gives them a new outlet and the only 3-way live stream of any social App on the market. Along with the ability to make moves, hang out with friends, and a time map that allows you to stay connected with followers time distance making it easier to get together at any time.

 The Launch of the Beta Version Movespot has been spectacular. With all Beta Versions the idea is to get the App to potential users/testers to get a feel of the App and within 6 days analytics show that The first few days of the beta release caused 3 server crashes from users downloading the App and Movespot is sure the downtime caused them even more users but yet still: is receiving 16k interactions per minute and analytics map shows has users from Florida to New York, Seattle and Canada.

Highlighting features of Movespot

  • Schedule necessary face to face interactions with friends on the go
  • Keep track of new faces at moves and add new friends
  • Post pictures ,videos and Gif’s
  • Start  live streaming with friends 
  • Voice out opinion

Proud Moments of Movespot

According to Adjust, “The average retention rate of an IOS app for a first-day release is 26% while Movespot’s day 1 retention rate shows up to 77%.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend you to download this interesting App Movespot to enjoy all the fun-filled features to stay connected with friends. The developers have done a great job in developing this app which will be greatly helpful for the users who love to be on social networking platforms all day long  to make life lively.