Since Apple released its latest iOS 14 back in September on the release of the new iPhone 12 which has enables Apple uses to now customize their home screens for the first time since the release of the iPhone back in 2008. Due to this, we have seen a host of different app crop up on the App Store which have enables us to customize our home screens even further and below we look at some of our favourites and must have widget apps.

One of the first apps that we would recommend getting would be the Launcher app which is one of the most powerful widgets that you can get for your iPhone as it allows you to fully customize your widget and let you quickly launch your favourite apps within seconds. Not only this, but it is that powerful that you can actually fine-tune it to call, message and even e-mail your friends and family with just a click of a button which shows why this is the best widget for iPhones right now.

The advanced battery widget & usage monitor is a great widget to have on your iPhone as it ensures that you can keep an eye on essential information such as battery, storage, screen brightness, storage and memory. Again, this widget is fully customizable to how you want it and will let you add on any other features such as Wi-Fi network and cellular data and will continue to provide new data for you as more things become available on iPhones moving forwards.

iPhone widgets have been able to benefit from the rapid rise in technology and would not have been able to be possible if it wasn’t for the advances shown. Online betting sites have also been able to benefit from this trend, like this list here, which is displaying the best betting markets online which is showcasing a wide range of different sports to now be able to be on. Not only that, but these specific sites also guarantee that your betting fun won’t be limited by the gamstop scheme.

The final widget in which we has a lot of benefit to the iPhone users is the fitness widget which will allow users to track just how active that they are staying throughout the day. This can include calories burnt, steps made and hours on your feet in the day which goes alongside the health app which is a great way to ensure you are staying fit through your iPhone capabilities.