Event Organizing is an industry with immense potential, which is also growing at a very fast pace. Event organizers are the people who are responsible for the complete execution of the event starting from the basic idea of how to organize the event with its theme through the completion of the event. This is made easy through WeddiGo, a web based application which helps you to plan your Wedding and other Civil Partnership ceremonies in a very easy and convenient way.

The most attractive feature about using WeddiGo is you don’t have to register; you will not receive any unnecessary emails, or any other marketing mails and newsletters. You can use this Web app by just creating an account in their site, which is offered for free. None of your private information will be released anywhere and will not be accessed by the users.

By using your account in the WeddiGo.com, you can almost create your Wedding planner within a matter of minutes. In the Overview section of the Wedding Planner you can easily monitor all the details of your wedding and can also easily edit the details by clicking on the edit button. The options that are available are the information about the venue, your guest list, the budget, the invitation and the responses you have received for that and you can plan the members who you want to club up in a table for the dinner and other arrangements. WeddiGo.com offers you a lot of options under each and every section of the above mentioned where you can plan and organize your Wedding and Civil Partnership ceremonies in a very detailed fashion.

Unique Features

  • Guests – There is no limit to the number of guests you wanted to send invites for the ceremony and you can add all of them in Weddigo.com for easy planning.
  • My Checklist option – It allows you to add the tasks which has to be done for the event and the date for it to be planned, you can make a note of all this in the calendar. There are also various options to filter the tasks by date, month and you also to check the completed tasks.
  • ERSVP – The Wedding app has the feature which allows the person to respond electronically, you need to just activate the e-RSVPs feature in the Wedding planner.
  • There are also other lists such as Music List, Foods and Drinks, Quick notes, Photography list, Order of the day/service (for planning the event and the order in which the events has to be carried out and also its time).
  • You can easily print or email all this information, which makes it easy to organize by handing out the printouts to the responsible person and also for personal reference.
  • You can access the WeddiGo planner from your Androids, iPhone, desktop and laptop.
  • The account can be easily removed after the usage. Each account will be available until for a period of 12 months.


WeddiGo Web app is an excellent app which helps you to plan your wedding and Civil Partnership events by concentrating on each and every detail of the event, so that you can be in a very peaceful state. All of the services are offered for FREE, all you need to do is to try this log on to this website and try the app, to experience its benefits.

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