If you are a startup owner or running a big enterprise, you might be collaborating with a team. As an individual or a team lead, you might want to discuss a lot of things with other members. It can be either the project outline, customer segment or the products and services; everything can be neatly outlined using this visual collaboration platform. With experiences from experts in various industries and fields, this awesome tool was designed. 

Deskle is a digital workspace that helps organizations to enhance the value of their investment and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is very simple and easy to use and there won’t be any complications unlike other applications of the similar sort. Deskle facilitates everything from chat, file sharing and task management and makes you utilize the full potential of the team. Using this application, individuals will be able to lower the difficulty of their work and expand the team’s potential. The different workflows and visual frameworks can be explored for multidisciplinary collaboration. 

Deskle has cloud-based deployment and it makes it easier to concentrate on the goals of the business. It assists in brainstorming, calendar management, contact and content management, discussion boards, document management, project management, real-time editing, task management, version control and video conferencing. We can organize all the ideas we have into actionable graphics rather than text, generate ideas from the team members to solve the problems, communicate among one another and improve the workflow of everything. 

Deskle comes with four plans namely: Basic, Team, Coaching and Company and the price vary from $3.95, $6, $16 and $12 respectively. Users can choose the different plans depending upon the requirements. All the plans can be custom-tailored and be billed monthly, half-yearly or annually. The firm offers free trial for 14 days using which users can explore the different utilities of the application. 

Deskle is being used by a number of teams, big, small, and cross-functional and by a variety of industries all over the world. The intuitive interface of the application and its varied customization capabilities makes it best for any project and business. It is being used by a group of people like project managers, UX/UI designers, agile trainers and coaches, product managers, designers, educators, creative and marketing agencies, consulting firms and freelancers.

Deskle serves well when you need to come with a concept and collaborate. You could easily work together with other members of the team and share your ideas and thoughts with them. This visual platform gives the best workspace where the team members can do the task collectively and solve it. All the tasks can be split into sub-tasks and the members of the company can work on it. Apart from all this, there is a frail trial for the users as well.

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