Suppose you start a new business of a retail shop. As new customers arrive at your shop, you look forward to build a relationship with them so that they may come again at your shop. Or you may try to provide them with the best services in the market. Asking them to fill up a feedback form is another way you may hope to improve yourself. So these are some of the basic tactics and tools to improve you and keep your market share on the increasing side. These are general tools and are equally applicable to any field whether it’s any software company or a website so that your customer base keeps growing. However the list may be extended with specific solutions for each of those particular fields. So if you are in the website business, today you may find the key to your problems here.

Today we have Keepify ( in our review section and it’s a web service. The problem that this web service caters is simple but most important I guess. If you have a strong customer base, that’s good but the problem arises when you’re not able to keep hold of it. Of course, you don’t know if the customer is happy with your services or if he wants to switch. But what if you did? Yes, that’s what the job of Keepify.

Keepify works on some models and algorithms such as Churning where it tracks your customers to identify their different sources of interaction with you. For example, if you have a Facebook page of your website and any customer of yours leaves a feedback there. Then whatever is the feedback, you should react to in the corresponding manner. Keepify tracks little bits of information like these and based on this useful information, it gives a prediction of the customers that are likely to leave you in next 30 days. So now you can try your best to save your potential customers and 30 days are enough of a period for this job.

Other than this prediction, Keepify also helps in various tools to keep your customers satisfied. On their website, you can find various solutions to your problems. For example, some of the general solutions are customer feedback, surveys, customer analytics & support, mobile app portfolio, etc. All these solutions are available on their website.

The service is still to be available for public access. But right now, what you can do is register your email address and subscribe to their service. Then they’ll send you regular tips to improve your customer relationship. Also, you can drop them a mail and ask them to provide you with their service earlier if possible.

As I said earlier, the service is not available for public access right now and therefore nothing can be said about the pricing right now. But you can still subscribe them and get the latest updates.

Pros: very useful; free for now; saves your potential customers.

Cons: not available for public access right now.

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