Conducting surveys is really a tough job if you don’t know the right technique to do it. There are so many places to visit and so many people to interview that it becomes almost impossible to summaries all the data in a clean and tabulated way. That is why emulators have been designed and you can also see many people using laptops and tablets for conducting a survey. These electronic devices make it very much easier for one to keep the data in a particular format as required later for analysis. But first you have to design a survey such that it is efficient and contains all the particulars and questions required to cover the entire discussion. That is where you need SurveyToGo. But the software is not limited to just creating rather capturing the field data and managing the operation.

I am talking about a web app named SurveyToGo that has been developed by Dooblo. It is software that can be downloaded to your system and then installed to your device. It is much like using any other Windows software but serves the purpose of designing surveys. A survey is an array of questions with all of them arranged in a sequential order. But it is not necessary for all of them to be of the same format i.e. one question can be subjective while another can be a multiple choice question. Also, there can also be images and videos as the recordings of your interviews. SurveyToGo allows all these options in the simplest of way.

Other than these features, there is an integrated mapping option where you can see all the different locations on a map where an interview was conducted. You can add different users and groups to a survey who are given different responsibilities so that everyone knows what to do. You can even scan QR codes and bar codes from a survey to extract the content from them. The software supports many different languages as well as formats such Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. to which a survey can be exported.There is a login username and password, so the whole process is well-secured.

The UI of the software is very simple with all the options branched into one another while some of them are stacked on the top of the screen. Also, there is an in-built PDA emulator so that you can check your designed surveys on a PDA device before actually deploying them to the PDA device or a tab. Deploying a survey requires you to change the survey to Production mode which means that it is now live and synced with the PDA device ready to follow the instructions as described.

The software is available in two different categories as Pay on Demand and monthly plans. While former plans are for small requirement users ranging from $99 to $1,210; the latter versions are for bigger companies with as much as $2,499/month. You can also register for free and try first 50 interviews for free. Then you may decide whether you want to stick to the software or not. The Android app by the same name has also been released. You may check it out as well.

Pros: simple to use software; integrated GPS tracking and mapping; many different subscription plans available; both online and offline support.

Cons: none.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :   SurveyToGo