Web applications are the basis of all the websites. Whether it is an online store or a community discussion forum, if you want to divert the traffic on to your hands, there are many applications which are required to be installed before even imagining it. They serve as the interface between the user and the site admin. PHP script is the language that is used to design such web apps and is currently being used by as many as 20 million Web sites which is far beyond our expectation. But, being a website owner, it is very difficult to get such web apps. Either they are too expensive or not what you are asking for. Bow down your head and find the solution!

The solution is in the form of another web app Brolmo, which provides free web apps and PHP scripts. You can also subscribe to their upgraded versions. The different apps are Free Poll, Event Calendar, Guestbook, etc. All the apps are already installed on the Brolmo Server. So, all you need to do is insert a small piece of HTML code on your webpage and it’s done. It’s as simple as that! So, you not need to be a professional in the field to understand the mechanism. To start, just register an account on their website and your free account will be handed over to you.

The script has a wide range of support over all the web pages like HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, CGI, PL, JSP and any other valid HTML web page. Also, all the major web browsers are supported. As far as the applications are concerned, they are well designed and give you full custom support. User interface is intuitive and it’s very simple to operate. You can use Event Calendar as a task manager and Free Poll for forum discussions. Color coding is supported for different options and you can also customize the outlook of the app as per your requirements.

There are both, free and premium subscription plans available. Though all the apps are available in the free account, there are some restrictions as well. In free plan, you can use 1 script only for one website. However, using different scripts for different websites under one account is allowed. Also, there is a limit on the no. of loads after which the developers will send you an email and will also suggest you a monthly subscription plan that will suit you best. As you upgrade your account, restrictions are still there but it will be hard for you to reach that limit. There are four options available, basic, pro, ultra and max with different costs ranging from $12 per year to $29 per year. So, the prices are reasonable as well.

We liked the availability of free subscription plans as well as copy/paste script concept. The app supports both small personal business as well as large companies. The only thing we found to be down was the no. of web apps. There are just four till now and are very limited keeping in sight the large no. of websites we have. But still, the apps they have are general and are quite common for all the sites. There are no specific apps for a particular kind of stuff.

Pros: free web apps, no installation required, different scripts for different websites under one account.

Cons: limited no. of apps.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :  Remotely Hosted Web App Service