If shifting gears at high speeds and giving full throttle to your car to accelerate it as much as you can excites you, then keep reading because I have something in store for you. Racing cars are always the hot cakes for developers because there’s a large crowd following these concepts and movies like Fast & Furious always help them in their mission. You can see the heart of the audience pumping at the RPM of the wheels whenever Van Diesel makes a move like never before! But we’ve already had many car racing games on mobile platform as well and the only thing you can hope for scope in is the graphics department (even that’s difficult). So you should go a little off-road and try something different and that’s what Garage Games has done. So let’s take a look at what have they done!


I am talking about the latest Android app called SkidPad 3D Racing Full. The app has been developed by Garage Games and is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.1 or any later version of the OS. So let’s try our hands on-the-game.

Car driving consists of two major aspects: speed and control and though this game is a combination of both of them, I feel that that the latter factor is more dominant. Your mission is to cross some checkpoints which are marked by cones. The track is not very big and mainly consists of a ground where those cones are arranged. You are shown the map of the track at the start of the race and you have to clear those cones in that particular fashion. Don’t worry about remembering the map because an arrow is always there to show you the next turn. The game lays more emphasis on control because it’s very difficult to pass those cones without hitting them. You have to slow down your vehicle and take turns very wisely while being patient to avoid them. Also hitting each cone costs you extra time, so you’re better showing some patience.


The game consists of 17 different levels and the difficulty level keeps ascending from the start to the end. While the circuits are simple in the starting, they grow more and more complex towards the end. There are many different options for controls as well. So you can place the throttle and moving controls to the left or right of the screen. This way you’ll not be confused while running the vehicle and your job will become a lot easier. Graphics are not comparable to a high-end game as they are not much sharper or detailed but are satisfactory.

The app is available for $0.99 in the App Store. Though if you want to try your hands on a free product first, then there is a free version of the app also available in the App Store. You may try it out first and then opt for the paid game.

Pros: difficult to master; both touch and tilt controls available; complex tracks; free version available.

Cons: average graphics.

Worth Having Application  :  Download the App