wikiI am currently living alone in PG and I obviously feel bored many a times. So, sometimes I ask upon some of my nearby friends to hang out on weekends. But as we have just shifted here, so we find it pretty much difficult to find the right place at the right moment. Of course, we can find a club on web but which club has the best crowd and if there is any better place for the night can only be known by an insider. For example, I love cooking and if I can get a cooking class, it will be the best choice for me. But I don’t know where to find that. Well, no more I guess! A new web has just been launched and I think that it caters the right problem and treats it very intelligently. Let’s take a look at what it can offer to this demanding crowd.

I am talking about  the new social web app that makes arranging hangouts pretty much easier for you. One of the main problems that all of us face is the right place where all of us can chill out and a different taste always makes it better. So, if you can keep account of all the events happening in your city today or even a few days later so that you can prearrange for that event, it will be like giving “the hammer to Thor” and that’s what the app delivers.

The very first thing I liked about the WikiDo app was that it was very simple to use and grounded in every respect else performance. Just select your city and all the events happening today will be listed before the blink of your eye. As it will be very difficult to find out the most appropriate event for yourself out of those thousands, you can filter your required ones according to the category or tag. The current listing is like Social, Music, Arts, Sports, Nightlife, Food and Drink, etc. I liked that they included the Nightlife section because that’s what most of the youngsters search for.

As you open up any event, you can view its full details like the description of the event, time as well as any payment if required. If any other person has visited the place before, he/she may leave a comment about his experiences. But as the app has recently been released, I hardly found any comments.

What the app actually does is fetch all the events from all over the internet i.e. it fetches the complete pages. So, if you open up an event, you will actually be redirected to the website where the original page was published. It’s nice that you’re exposed to greater possibilities as you may find a better option on that new website, but I think that the developers should create their own pages so that a particular format is used and it can be customized according to the users’ requirements. The app is good for now, but it can be even better if certain changes are followed like the one I mentioned above.

One of the biggest flaws for the users is that it is currently available for US only. We hope that it might be expanded to a greater circle, but for now the developers have thrown the party for US users only.

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Web App Link :   WikiDo