Have you ever thought that Android also faced with malwares and viruses? Although Android was tailored by Linux architecture, they don’t have common characteristic. Android were primarily made for mobile and those cyber bandit develop malwares to steal and breach people information such as emails, names, credentials and even worst is they track your daily activity using malware threats.

At first, I am expecting the app itself must take a long time to be installed at the first place. But the time proved me wrong. The installation is only taken within 30 second! My expectation is not high as protection app cannot be so (I mean really) small.The interface is really straightforward, make it easy to use. Everything is clear and you just know what to do even first time on VIRUSfighter Android version. The app was minimalistic in design; the color, background and button are just lovely. The developers take the UI so serious and you cannot find anything tacky about it. The navigation is as its interface, just perfect.

Other thing that you might not expected is, the app has an autonomous feature which everything can be scheduled, including its definition database. Just plug and leave. Everything will do automatically to make sure your device is always secure.  In VIRUSfighter Android, it has two mode of scanning the system; Quick scan – high speed scanning and uses minimal system resources such as battery and memory assumption. Deep scan – Scanning all data and files including Android system core files. VIRUSfighter Android app allows putting the app keep to date as I can do automatic update.

This app is the latest protection application developed by SpamFighter, an award winning Denmark Software Company. SpamFigher has been over 15 years in digital security industry created quite a number award winning product such as anti-spyware, antivirus protection and optimization solutions.

It is recommended to using Quick Scan as it may save from battery drain. Although it is the first version (version 1.0), the whole app is efficient and amazingly quick compared with a few Android’s protection app. Even the deep scan is only taken a few minute and so far I haven’t experienced any lag and speed off even the app is open all the time.

This small and handy app will protect your Android device especially on your personal data, files and virus threats as well as identity thieves. It was designed for device protection as well as the resources consume. The good thing is, it is too fantastic for a free app and crazy for a freemium. Personally, This VIRUSfighter Android is far better than most of big name protection app out there and based on my experience, it is the greatest.

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