What do you do when companies like Tesco, O2, Sky and Morrisons use a service to promote their companies? Do you think they would spend money on something that did not work? Mediaburst is proven to work with big companies and small businesses alike. If you take your business seriously and every ad you put just isn’t worth it, try out text messaging for a change. However, with so many clients that you can text, it will take up a lot of time to send each one, no? False. Mediaburst provides businesses with the tools they need in order to send bulk text messages in a matter of minutes. Mediaburst provides businesses with the tools they need in order to send bulk text messages in a matter of minutes. Have you ever wondered how you get promotional text messages from companies? For example, read into this article on how to get text updates from Amazon or others online.

Still not convinced? Feel free to look up success stories from Mediaburst. Just think about it, people come and go and if they hear it on the radio they may not even remember that they visited your business. Ask them if they would like to receive text messages and, if they agree, you can get them to come back with just one text message which can be as low as 5p or 10 cents! Now, if you use Microsoft Outlook, there is no need to learn how to use Mediaburst and you can use it to send your bulk SMS as well as reminders and alerts without the need to install any kind of plug in or download. SMS API for developers allows you to make a connection from your application to mobile networks. You can develop a new application and you can integrate Mediaburst’s bulk SMS service to keep those clients satisfied.

The website has various blogs for starters on bulk SMS as well as tips to keep your text messages interesting and engaging. Connecting to over 500 networks in 200 countries, bulk text messages are sent within 3 seconds to mobile network operators, pretty fast huh? For every type of mode to send your SMS, there is a Quick Start Guide to show you the basics, so you never have to worry about trying out complex things in order to get your business going. In addition to all of these features, you can also receive SMS by using one of their long numbers. Each number costs £25 a month or 39 dollars a month for your personal SMS line.

What else do you need to know about mediaburst? Their sign-up is a fast and easy process, lasting about two minutes or so. There are absolutely no rental fees for a certain amount of SMS because you will only pay for what you buy during those months which can be less than 5p or ten cents if you send more than 50,000 SMS per month. If you want to send this amount of text messages, you have to contact them in order to get a lower price for each text message you send. They don’t even have a contract if you do not wish to stay with their service and they won’t cry like other companies for you to come back and use their service. Comparing text messages and emails, you know that text messages are read more often, even if it’s just the title. You can also visit their website for more information on the company and their new features as well as their twitter page. In the last ten years, the Mediaburst team has amassed thousands of customers who are always thinking of new ways to reinvent or implement their service. This can also be a valuable addition to society and they are implementing their service for diabetes-related illnesses in collaboration with the NHS to help out millions of people soon. By helping society and small businesses, Textburst is one of these applications that change the world every single day.

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