reach7-With the social media boom today, social media networks have emerged as a leading marketing strategy. In fact, it has become one of the cheapest and fastest ways to reach out to the masses in the current era. In a world where big data is the in thing and barely anyone understands it, there is a huge need to dumb things down for businesses. This is where Reach7 comes into the picture as a saviour. Reach7 makes social media engagement easier and much more effective than ever before by making sense of the social big data for you.

The goal behind Reach7 is one that a lot of businesses are looking for today. With so much big data available today and lack of experts to make sense of it, the massive potential that it holds is being lost. Reach7 makes sense of all this big data and provides a simple way to engage with the right kind of customers in any market. It provides a unique ranking engine that makes big data into manageable chunks of small data. The result is in the form od personalised audiences that have been ranked by their relevance and importance to your message or company. This can be applied to any market located in any corner of the globe.

The app makes use of cutting edge technology to analyse millions of user profiles and user content on a daily basis. This huge amount of big data is then analysed to deliver the best results suited to your company. It comes with an engagement interface that allows you to engage with the right people via the right content. It also provides you with a unique social translation solution, breaking the barriers of geography and language for you. This way, you can engage with people on a global level without any hassles. The app has contracts with human translators for over 80 languages across the world. This enables you to manage your international social presence, allowing you to expand your global reach without having to build your own localised teams.

The app is available for quite reasonable prices. There are 3 plans at present. If you are a started and would like to explore your options, there is a free service called the Starter plan. This plan is well suited for individuals who wish to expand their social media presence. There is also a Full plan available for $19.99 per month. This one is suited for businesses, sales departments and e-commerce companies that wish to engage targeted audiences on social media. The Pro plan is available for $59.99 per month and is best suited for businesses that have multiple user segments that are spread across multiple markets. It is also suited for small agencies and recruiters.

All said and done, Reach7 is a unique and innovative solution that targets an under serviced market. It helps you focus on target audiences using a small budget and big data. Once you target the right audiences, you no longer have to spend a huge part of your revenue merely on advertising and marketing. It is a service that no business should miss out on.

Good: Human Translators to establish a global presence

Bad: None

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