If you have a web presentation, product demo, mock-up, banner ad, animations, infographics, or anything along these lines and are stuck in the very beginning, then the solution to your problem lies in the webapp Easy WebContent Presenter.

Today, all the digital content is handled mainly by HTML5, including websites, smartphones, e-books and a lot more. As a user, you would prefer to work with a tool that gives you complete power and control over this language. This is where Easy WebContent Presenter comes into the picture. To make things all the more simple, the interface is a drag and drop kind with immense resources to be utilized. You do not need to have knowledge of coding to create a web presentation using this webapp. Besides this, it saves you a great deal of valuable time and you can also be assured that the work done by you will be universally displayed, irrespective of the device.

Most webapps in this niche require the user to have some basic technical and coding knowledge. That, however, is not true for Easy WebContent Presenter. You will not need to enter any code and also be freed from the tension of making your pages compatible with various devices. With this app, you can create webpages that are not only attractive but also easy to use and user-friendly.

This cloud based HTML5 tool for animation gives you complete control over programming with regard to HTML5. You can create simple yet engaging presentations and animations so as to add a unique touch to your web page. All you have to do is let your imagination flow and Easy WebContent Presenter will make it into an animation for you in a snap second. No more long hours of tedious tiring work and hopeless results. And you do not need any basic experience in design either.

The work that you publish using this app can be integrated with websites, blogs, social networks, and digital documents without any hassles. It allows you to define what kind of a web presence you wish to create for yourself. All of this without the need of having to spend hours downloading various software. There is the additional option of allowing users to develop a buzz and share your content on social; networks.

The user interface is highly intuitive and the drag and drop feature is a blessing indeed. The wide range of options ranging from sizes to colors allows you to experiment and choose the best option for yourself. There is an integrated Image Editor to empower you with complete editing and customizing of all your photos, images and pictures.

What gives Easy WebContent Presenter an advantage over other apps in its field is its ease and professionalism. You are the one who decides what your work will look like and use your own imagination without having to hire someone else to do all the work for you. You not only decide but also create what is lying in your mind into real work. So, go ahead and let your imagination fly without having to restrain it with the constraints of implementing it later on with this app.

Good: Intuitive user interface with excellent customization options

Bad: None.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Worth Trying Application  :  Easy WebContent Presenter