It is a common practice among businessmen to send invoices to their clients for payments and then remind them again and again to pay for the services. It takes a lot of paperwork and the task becomes tedious when you have a no. of clients to ask for. Even if you run a small business, it is very difficult for one to take out some time and post those invoices and then those reminder calls just add to the expense. An easier way is to go for an online solution as provided by Invoiceberry.

Invoiceberry is a web app which is an online service that enables you to create, send and manage all your invoices from your account. There is no need to download any software so you can just log in to your account from anywhere and operate. You can send your invoices online via emails or you can opt for sending them via posts. While emails are free, postage is done via Royal mail which includes postal charges as applied accordingly. You can also send reminders to your clients via emails within seconds.

The dashboard is well designed and simple to use. It shows all your unpaid invoices, recent activities, revenues, expenses and cash flow and provides you all required information on one single page. You can also create quotes, get them approved and turn them into invoices. Also, once a client is saved in your Invoice Berry account, you can directly invoice him within seconds. But the main advantage of using Invoice Berry over others is creation of Reports and track of all expenses. Directly from your dashboard, you can calculate your company profits/losses and thereby eliminate the weak points. This aspect helps in the growth of your company at a much faster rate than before.

The web app is equally suitable to small business holders as to big ones. There are three different plans available according to need and cost. While unlimited invoices are included in all the three plans, free plan only allows 3 clients and 1 user. The other two accounts cost $15/month and $30/month and allow 35 clients and unlimited clients respectively. The app works with all the operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu. Also, one of the major worries of the users is the security of their data as it includes many financial transactions. To ensure data safety your accounts and logins are protected with a 256-bit AES SSL encryption. Back ups are also provided in case of system failure.

Overall, the web app is very effective and useful. It supports both digital and postal invoices to add to the ease and comfort of the user. Also, the pricing of different plans is affordable and suitable for small business holders or newcomers who have just set up their business.

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