Want to keep track of the visitors and customers of your website? But heavy costs of the web analytics prevent you from doing this? Then, Foxmetrics is the right solution for you. Of course, a web analytic is always needed and is an integral part for the development of a site. You cannot keep track of all the moves going on and for efficient growth, it is a must. As an admin, it demands an ample amount of time to be spent and that’s what the purpose of such a web analytical tool is. To keep it simple.

Foxmetrics is a real time web analytics tool with multipurpose tools like keeping track of the events like register, sign in, comments and visitors on your site from various sources such as links on other pages, referral, advertisements, and etc. on an affordable price. It provides you to manage all the different updates on your site in a categorized way. A categorized data will be provided to you in terms of the ads which are mostly clicked, or the page mostly visited by the users. You get a record of the regular events like the new users, no. of visits of a page per second and there is much more.

However, if there are other analytics such as Google analytics, Yahoo analytics, Omniture, etc, then why to use Foxmetrics. Of course, price is an issue. But there are many other reasons too which make Foxmetrics favorable. The first and foremost is that you can use Foxmetrics for web applications and sites as well as mobile applications. You just have to register on Foxmetrics with the application you want to use. Then, all you have to do is copy the install once script of your Foxmetrics account and paste it on the page you want to track. Then, all the details will be listed in your dashboard like the current no. of users who have downloaded and are using your application. Also, there are different plans available depending upon the user demands, all affordable. Also, you can customize your dashboard as per the details required.

Foxmetrics is developed by a group of individuals who aimed at providing all the services at one place and at affordable price so that it could be used by small website owners as well, who cannot afford to spend so much on analytics tool.
While there are a lot of positives, still the application lacks in certain departments. First of all, it cannot handle a heavy load on your website. So, for bigger sites, Google analytics is a better one. Also, the free plan has limited use unlike other ones; so ultimately, you will have to change to the paid one. The tool is for small website owners, according to them. But if they get it free on other analytical tools, why will they pay for this one? Also, there is very little to learn about it on the web. Otherwise, they could have done better. So, they need some promotion to make it big.

Foxmetrics is a strong tool but has its own limitations and is pretty useful for small website owners who are not satisfied with the free account limits.

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