ZipRecruiter is a web based hiring platform that provides recruiters a fast and easy approach to present a job listing before a huge number of candidates. The platform provides a single destination to find, screen, and track potential candidates for any type of job. Offering a more streamlined solution to the recruitment process, ZipRecruiter enables companies to post a job on 25+ job boards in a single click and effectively manage all candidates through a simple and easy-to-use user interface.

How it works?

ZipRecruiter is primarily an online, easy job posting service that allows recruiters to automatically distribute a job to multiple job boards, a few of which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Bright, Job Inventory, Simply Hired, Yakaz, Just Jobs, Trovit etc.  Managers who are looking to hire have the option to conduct an online screening interview with potential candidates belonging to any category or industry. ZipRecruiter is a database for job seekers too.

Signing up with ZipRecruiter involves a few simple steps where a recruiter or company has to fill in some basic information. To meet the different requirements of various businesses, the hiring solution comes in a range of price plans starting from $59/mo and going up to $199/mo. A free trial period is available too. Job seekers however, are not required to set up an account with ZipRecruiter to search for jobs.


  • 1-Click Social Recruiting lets the user spread word about the job opening even on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in a few clicks.
  • The Job Board Distribution feature enables the job ad to be posted to multiple (over 25) job boards at a time, thus providing a time-saving option.
  • The Resume Database stocks over 500,000 resumes that can be searched for free.
  • The Embedded Resume Viewer lets users switch between a candidates resume, answers, and cover letter, to enable easy short listing of potential candidates.
  • Powerful Team Collaboration features make collaboration easy among all members in the hiring team.
  • A simple User Friendly Interface provides a quick learning curve and enables recruiters start collecting candidates in a few minutes.
  • The Embeddable Job Widget instantly adds a list of job openings to the recruiter’s company website without the need for any coding.
  • A Customizable Branding option adds the company logo to the job pages.
  • The Hosted Company Job Page feature provides users with their own custom company branding to use as the Careers link on their website.
  • The solution is available in a range of pricing plans to suit different sizes of businesses.
  • ZipRecruiter also provides job seekers millions of jobs from around the world searchable by type of job/ industry or location/state.

Zip Recruiter in addition to providing a central destination for the hiring process, also hosts brief online interviews while distributing the job posting. Its customizable, easy-to-use features such as the simple-to-set-up online interviews and toggling between multiple resumes and interviews enhance user experience. Zip Recruiter having bagged the Gold Award 2012, excels in providing an online job posting service that greatly simplifies the hiring process.

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