Do your children let out a long whine before they go to school? Do your toddlers and young ones hesitate or avoid learning their numbers and alphabets? All the solutions to your tedious problems lie right in this fun, colourful and educational app for children. 123 Kids Fun Games will teach children their alphabets, numbers, shapes, animals, words and sounds through sources like music and games like ‘Hit Balloons’.

All this is done in the easiest and the most entertaining way through various games so that your children have loads of fun, while gaining some substantial from it at the same time.  This app, brought out by RosMedia can be downloaded easily if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad. This game requires an iOS 4.3 or a more advanced version of the software.


  • Your children can learn the 26 alphabets the correct way by learning their pronunciation and by learning what each alphabet exactly sounds like. All this is accomplished through games associated with the letters.
  •  Even numbers have their very own game where the child can learn how to count with the right pronunciation, sound and the funniest animations.
  • There are some very basic words that every child is taught in the beginning. This app has games which will teach the child the pronunciation and meaning of those words along with colourful pictures and illustrations.
  • Learning shapes correctly can play an integral role in developing your child’s skills. This app will help the apple of your eye learn everything in the easiest and the most fun manner possible.

  • It also teaches children how to write the names of animals correctly. The child is asked to put the animals in the correct slot and order after which he or she is shown how the animals look and what they sound like.
  • Music is beyond doubt one of the most integral aspects of a good education. A regular exposure to good music can prove to be successful in developing a sense of appreciation and an aesthetic sense in your child. It also helps your child overcome any problem, stress or worry that he or she might be going through. This app educates children about the various musical instruments like the piano, xylophone and drums. They can also create their very own tunes and learn how to read and write these names.
  • Hit Balloons is a game which is meant just for pure fun and frolic. The app provides users with their own scorecard and their very own game centre!
  •  It also consists of a photograph section where the child can take photos of his mother, father, siblings, and relatives and store it in his album.
  • It does not have any advertisements or InApp purchase requirements.


Good- 123 Kids Fun Games can prove to be immensely useful in teaching your child all the basics of his or her education in the most entertaining way possible which might lead to a very strong conceptual clarity in the long run.

Bad- Once your child has learnt all the concepts that this app, has to offer it can get a little redundant as the app does not allow regular updates and downloads.

This amusing and colourful app can be purchased from the Apple Store for $2.99.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here