With many project managers out there, you can ask yourself if you should either hire one or find a program that has the same organization.  Or you could already have a project manager, but you still need organization within your company or your team while working on a project.  With HappyTodos, you have a colorful way to keep your projects afloat, meet deadlines and manage time effectively with an easy to use website application.  Being able to access the information from anywhere in the world makes HappyTodos an option to access your projects and share files with your team instantly.  Their webpage is colorful and very well organized unlike other pages.

HappyTodos is personalized for every team member, providing daily individual tasks as well as updated milestones and deadlines to meet.  A team leader can easily find out what each team member is up to without having to contact them.  One thing that makes HappyTodos a unique project management software is that it fits in new updates on milestones, new milestones or other tasks into your schedule in order to meet certain deadlines.  Users can set an estimate of the work hours to do a certain task and the web application will schedule the task in order to finish any project on time.  Work hours can be easily tracked by using the application’s tracker or by reporting them manually for each task.  This makes it much easier to fill out invoices and to make payments sooner.

Availability to the customers is a must for every website that offers a service or a web based application, so HappyTodos has a live chat available in order to give you a better service, which is something that most web applications don’t have.  They may have email support, but the live chat is so much easier to do when you’re short on time and you have a deadline to meet.  The web application also has a function where you can actually use the application without user or project limits for free.  The only thing you would end up paying for is for extra storage, since the free application only provides 100 MB for uploaded files.

The true benefit of this application is that you save so much time that you would lose while calling or sending emails to check out project statuses as well as efficiency.  Whether you have last minute details or additional tasks to perform, use HappyTodos and everything will be in order, on track and people will actually appreciate that there will be order no matter what happens.  Each member can easily look at their schedule and know what they’re going to do instead of browsing to see where they left off, which can lead to unfinished tasks or priorities if you don’t have someone (or a program) to look after this.  You can change task priorities and easily look at the tasks for each user on a daily basis without even having to talk to that person.  That also helps the person if they have a lot of work to do and can’t afford any interruptions.  The application is basically well rounded, easy to use and competes with the top project management applications out there that put limits on almost everything when it comes to the free plans.  There is nothing that you can lose when trying this program and signing up takes less than a minute.  No credit card information is ever required unless you would like to upload files and use the storage.

Apps400 Rating :    *  *  *  *

you can visit the webapp at http://www.happytodos.com/ and post comments here.