Event Organizing is a rapidly growing industry with immense scope for development. Event organizers are responsible for a huge list of activities, from the start or forming the basic idea for the event until its successful completion. There are many common problems which are faced by the event organizers when they plan for an event; one among them is preparing the seating arrangement for the guests. The success of any event mainly depends on how comfortable your guests are during the event, right from the beginning of the event till you draw your curtains down. ‘Who should be placed near who?’ this question is a pain in your neck which causes severe headaches to any individual or large organizations who plan the event. You can make someone really comfortable when you place them beside the person whom he/she likes. This problem can be effectively handled with the solution provided by ArrangeMySeat. Why you should have headaches in deciding the places for your guests, they can do this by themselves without much effort through this app.

ArrangeMySeat is a web application which is devoted for planning and organizing your event’s seating plan. It is a very cost-effective solution and is a blessing for people with little or no experience in this field. All you need to do is to click on this website and sign-up for free and now you can plan your event. It makes the seating arrangement easy for weddings, banquets, lunch and many others.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can get started with this app very quickly. You can create your event just by entering your event details such as name, date, time, address, event description, banner, guest categories and how do you want your guests to register. There are also options for customizing your event.
  • The Sub-domain option is very attractive where you can just post that link in your Facebook/Twitter for your friends and guests to access the site easily.
  • You choose the way in which you wanted to register your guests. It can be done in two ways with access code, where your guests will be given individual access codes for their seats with which they have to register or you can choose the open registration option where anyone can register. There is also an option when your guests who are not interested in using the site/call and inform for their short notice. All you need to do is to login to the manage interface page and do it for them.
  • You can also make your sub-domain page more attractive by creating an event banner which will across you’re the top portion of your page.
  • The event overview page helps you to keep track of the event; it has various tabs such as:
  1. Tables: Here you can organize your guests into different categories, with no limits for adding your guests. You can also keep track of who has claimed the seats.
  2. Guest survey: In this tab you can add any questions for gathering the data from your guests.
  3. Tickets: You will have the information about the access codes that are generated for your guests; you can share the specific codes for the specific persons. This helps you to keep track of the information very effectively.
  4. Export Data:  This helps to export all the information into a file which can be printed and handed out to the security officers to keep track of the guests.

ArrangeMySeat is a very effective and user-friendly web app which helps to plan and keep track of your event in a stress freeway.  All you need to do is to sign up for free in their website to experience the rewards.

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Web App Link :  ArrangeMySeat