Concrete software shows their hands in bringing on an exciting bowling experience of Professional Bowling Association through PBA Bowling Challenge. PBA® Bowling Challenge is a fun filled bowling simulation experience for most of the android gadgets. Concrete Software has already proved their excellence through PBA 2, but PBA® Bowling Challenge has more and more new challenges to encounter. The High Definition 3D graphical experience of this game will enthuse you to play lot of unique tournaments and will make you to get addicted to it.


Unlike other bowling games, PBA® Bowling Challenge has a new gaming mode called Career mode, where you can groom yourself to be a professional bowling player by competing against all real-time bowling stars. It gives you a real-time bowling experience in a single touch of your gadget. Quick play is another mode available for you to refresh your bowling skills. The game controls are very simple, you can flick your gadget to throw the ball and slide your gadget to control the motion/direction of the ball.


There are plenty of challenges in the form of tournaments. Each tournament is unique and it allows you to compete against different set of skilled opponents, which will help to enhance your bowling skills. The more games you win, you can unlock more challenges and win more tickets by losing few energy points. The more you progress in career mode, the more you will becomea popular and a professional bowling star. Your each victory will be rewarded with tickets and you can utilize the tickets for enhancing your bowling experience and unlock new features.


Using the tickets, you can unlock variety of new balls and new options to enhance your bowling power. Each ball has its unique power and other special features with which you can out number your opponents. Even you can achieve bonus points on your each throw with few balls. The balls like House ball, Power House, Wild thing, Work House, Lightening ball, Split ball, bomb ball, etc., which will enhance your gaming experience. Select the appropriate ball from variety of unique choices and Utilize specialties of each ball wisely to challenge and master your opponents.You can keep track of your career records, stats and achievements using the Score sheet menu. Each trophy you win will be stocked up in the trophy room. Also this game allows you to show off your victory in the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Sharing in social media network has become a trend of this generation and this game is not an exception for this trend.


Special kudos to the graphics designers of this game, they had put their efforts to make the gaming experience more lively and interesting. Simple touch controls, clear 3D graphics, variety of tournaments and new career mode with all new special features will make this game more successful in the market.If you love playing bowling, for sure you will get addicted to this flawless and exciting game.

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