Hi all you gamers and hobbyist, you must be enjoying the game you play but also would like to gossip about the games struck you awesome during the days it was launched. Remembering nostalgic events and experience is better than everything in this world. Thousands of games working in different types of platforms have come into existence and if you have an extensive collection of those games then you are in dire need of a cataloging application to search and discuss about your favorite game. Game collector connect is one such web application which would definitely suit needs of both gaming professionals and hobbyist. The coolest feature of the application is the ability to share the collection view with all your friends. Not only those who have the URL of the application view can see the collection but one can also share the collection updates with all your friends in famous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Getting started with the application is very easy as it all requires is subscribing for the application by registration with a valid Email ID. The application is now available for a free trial period of 30 days and on expiry of it, one can opt for monthly subscription for a reasonable sum. Once you have subscribed for cataloging, populating your collection is done in easy steps. I found the easiest way to populate the collection is through adding games from the collectorz database. Here, one need not worry about adding attributes of the games like platform, developers etc as they are directly imported from the database. The owner of the collection can add other custom attribute like format, genre, played or not etc after adding the game to the collection. One can even add a game by specifying bar code of the game. If the game you want to add to your collection is not available in the database then, one can even add it manually to the collection. Thus, the application provides the complete flexibility to generate your own customized game collection.

The application is very efficient in managing very large collection unlike most other cataloging application available in the market. The attributes which form the description of the game comes real handy in categorizing the collection. This indexes the collection so that one can search a large collection quite easily. The pie chart which depicts the percentage of games in a collection specific by genre and platform gives an overall nature of the collection by statistics giving an extra reason to share your collection among friends. An index bar on the top of the collection list gives instant categorization of the collection in alphabetical order. The link feature of the application helps in building relationship between various game versions and volumes.

The owner exercise complete control over accessibility and sharing of the collection and account information. Further, the application can be viewed from your desktop computers and your mobile phones. The application is available as a mobile application for your phones making the collection an anytime anywhere database.

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Web App Link :   Game Collector Connect