As a developer, a person faces problems during writing codes or executing them correctly. But these problems are acceptable because that’s part of your job. After all, you’re paid for solving these. But they are not the actual reasons when your head bursts out of stress. It’s the continuous ringing phone of yours thanks to the desperate client that wants to know every little update you’ve made so far in the project. It doesn’t matter to him if the work is finished or not, but he’ll come back at you for every minute detail missed that his eyes are able to catch. What’s worse is when you tell him about the complexity of the problem and the timeframe it requires; he goes deaf! But if we look from the other side of the mirror, his questions are reasonable as he’s invested a lot of money in this. So who’s got the solution?

I don’t have the solution but I know the right address where you’ll get it. It’s Hi.diplo (https://hidiplo.io) which is a SaaS service for developers and project managers who use Git as the Source Code Management tool.

After you sign in, you can start with the set up for GitHub’s and BitBucket’s hosted repositories. There is complete documentation available on how to set up and though most of the times it’s automatic but if there’s a problem, then you can set it up manually as well. After you’re done with the set up, now you can add a project to your profile on which you’re about to start working. Hi.Diplo creates a timeline of all your project events under one bar so that you can take a look at the project history anytime. There are four types of events: commit, deploy, general events and external events. These events cover all the activities regarding your project whether it’s an error reported by your project manager or there’s any update regarding the project requirements. You can also write notes under Commit and External Events. So if there’s any problem later in the project, then you can trace back to the root cause using this timeline.

The UI is very intuitive and well organized. You can add as many members to your team as you want to collaborate under one roof. You can check out all the notifications under one bar. There are certain parts of the timeline that are public while some remain private and are visible only to you and your team. So suppose if your client wants to take a look at the progress of the project, then he can directly visit the timeline without any need to contact you for any queries. That’s how this Software saves a lot of valuable time for you and keeps the clients satisfied as well.

There’s a very interesting fact about their pricing. They are currently in Beta and therefore they’re giving you the privilege to “Pay as much as you want”. Yes, they believe that you’ll set a fair price and they’re ready to accept it. Don’t forget that there’s a 30-day free trial available as well. So what are you waiting for?

Pros: well organized UI; complete timeline for each project separately; no need for emails; saves a lot of time; 30 day free trial and “Pay as much as you want” after that.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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