For those who are not familiar with Clockodo, it is a time tracking web application. It is ideally suited for small medium enterprises to freelancers to business individual looking for a more flexible and dynamic way to time bill their clients and take their work on the go.

The Clockodo also comes with a wide array of additional features other than just time billing capabilities. They include;

  • Report generation: After billing your clients for a session Clockodo allows you to generate a report for a specific customer and evaluate your session.
  • Smartphone app: Upon purchase Clockodo allows you to download an app for your phone similar go what you would get with the Webapp. This enhances flexibility to the users since you don’t need a desktop or a laptop to access your account you can just do it at the comfort of your mobile device.

If you are still not convinced of whether Clockodo will work for you then Clockodo gives you an opportunity to have sought of a sneak peek at their Webapp without purchasing it. That’s right Clockodo gives you a free trial of 14 days to test their software and if you like it then after your free trial is over you can purchase it a relatively cheap price of $5 per month. Plus, they do not ask you for your credit card information when you register for a free trial.

Let’s just go over some of the pros and cons of the Webapp. Let’s start off with the pros

  • When you first click on their website and same applies to the Webapp, everything is so user friendly as all the relevant information is displayed perfectly and there is no cluster of information. This meaning you don’t have to be a tech genius to use it giving it a plus for it’s easy to use nature.
  • When you register for a free trial they do not require your credit card information this also a very big plus considering when your free trial is over and you don’t like it you don’t have to worry about them billing you for anything as some other software do require your credit card information even for a free trial.
  • Immediately after you register for the free trial, you are directed to a welcome guide tour giving you a comprehensive run down of how to use the Webapp from inputting data, creating reports, resource allocation. The welcome tour also gives you some already existing data for you to have a feel of it before you start using your own data.

Some of the cons I encountered were:

  • It gets to a time in point in the tour when some maneuvering is considered before proceeding on, considering I was stuck there for a good twenty minutes not knowing what to do as they did not provide adequate information on what to do so I had to figure it out very painstakingly slow.
  • They focus more on time billing part not giving as much attention to the projects part as needed.

In conclusion, being that Clockodo was built everybody from freelancers to business organizations and that its very much user experience oriented making it very easy to use makes it the ideal time tracking and report making software out there in market for its price range.

Worth Having Webapp – Try Clockodo Now