If you own an Android phone, security is always a matter of top concern. While it is still not decided whether your phone needs an antivirus, it is always best to keep it safe and updated with the best of technology. Malware has been growing tremendously and can clean out all the data on your device in an instant. Most of the Android security apps are essentially packages that include an array of other tools ranging from remote lock to contact filtering and more. Among the many security apps available, 360 Security tops the list.


360 Security, developed by Qihu, boasts of a high detection rate of 99.9 percent. This easily outdoes any other app available in the market so far. The app revolves around identifying all kinds of threats to your phone and nullifying them before they can take root in your device. There’s a real- time scanner that protects your phone and all its data from spyware, malware or infection. Also, it can detect system vulnerabilities and fix them too. Besides, there’s a privacy advisor and a handy tool to clean out all your usage history.


The biggest advantage of this app lies not only in its security but also in how light it is. This app eliminates extra tools so as to avoid slowing down your phone’s performance in the big picture. Heavy options like backup and anti- theft have been left out while lighter ones like call blocking options, safe browsing and shortcut toggles have been included.

This Android app has a couple of phone clean up and optimization tools which shut down the recently unused memory- consuming apps, delete all unrequired system files and more so that your phone stays optimized for best performance. Besides just keeping you safe from viruses, it protects you from malware by keeping a watch out for suspicious use of system resources and provides web protection by checking for troublesome websites from its database. If you are unsure of a program’s safety levels, you can have a trial run in the sandbox. Better safe than unsure.


360 Security has a sleek clean design and easy-to-use interface which give the app mass appeal alongside functionality. It uses the best of latest technology to keep your device safe. The real time protection is implemented in the form of a dual layer antivirus protection. It uses a cloud engine protection to stay updated with the latest threats, so as to keep you safe always. There is a fun system cleaner which allows you to shake your device and kill tasks.

Before an app is installed, the apk files are thoroughly scanned by an intelligence sense engine. It also monitors the apps during the installation process. Any system vulnerabilities are detected in no time and fixed by this app too. Apps that are utilizing too much of the system’s resources are closed. This is done automatically once you lock your screen. To kill your private usage history, you need a single tap of a finger.

With the best of antivirus protection, system optimization and a clean easy interface, 260 Security is surely the best antivirus app available for Android.

Good: Fun system cleaner

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the app