When you start a business, say a startup or something bigger, you need to keep yourself updated with the information relevant to the field or market you are dealing with. All the information can be so vast to handle and you need to ascertain to find yourself if you are in the right path of your market and whether the product or service you are offering will succeed.

One best way to identify the emerging trends and niches of the market is to use the Signum web app. The platform is well known for its customer support, performance and integration.

What is Signum?

Signum is an online platform/tool that makes you to be the first in knowing the current business and market trends like never before. It helps you to understand the different niches of your business thereby enabling you to make the best decisions. The web app has many astounding features and functionalities with a team of analysts who are very professional.

The company has verified data sources and they utilize the latest upcoming standards. These people have won the HP acceleration program. In order to use Signum, all that you have to do is to sign up using your Email ID, name and credit or debit card number.

Why Signum?

With over 300,000 data sources in the database and over a lakh team members, they analyze data from blogs, forums and other social media. All the articles, likes and comments from different  platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Forbes, Techcrunch, The Next Web and other sources are tracked by the neatly crafted algorithm of Signum. The perfect AI of this online platform evaluates the most important signals that show the emergence of a new trend.

The webapp offers many services at an unbelievable price of 5 dollars. This helps even budding entrepreneurs to make use of the offer. All the latest trends in the products, markets, companies and styles are sent as a report once you subscribe for their mailing list.

Pricing of Signum:

Signum app comes with a price of $5 per month. They give you information on 5 current trends along with the causes on the emergence of these trends, trend growth duration forecast, the 5 upcoming or emerging trends with its consequences as well.

Signum has partnered with many famous firms like the Digital Ocean, Amazon Machine Learning, Stripe, Google AI, hadoop and PredictionIO. When you need to cope up with the speedy growth of the world and the emerging trends, then Signum will be a one stop source for formulating your decisions with all the uncertainty in the industry.

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