Mysteryville 2-hidden crime is a fun filled, interactive, adventurous and mysterious game with wide range of challenges which drives you to move on to each level of the game. Unlike other detective games, Mysteryville keeps you alive and makes you actively participate in the game by giving you clues and it will let you investigate and solve puzzles on your own. Nevosoft has a good history of creating games of mysterious and suspense genre in IOS & Android devices, It’s Dream Sleuth & Mysteryville are most popular games. This game is currently available in Google play store for Android OS 2.2 & above. You can try this game for free of cost and you can unlock the full version after enjoying few levels of finding objects.

This game ties up with a small storyline and it makes you addictive to pass level by level. The Story line of this game revolves around a journalist ‘Laura’, who will go in search of her friend ‘Bill’ and how she solves the mysterious puzzles. In every stage you have to find some meaningful object related to that stage hidden somewhere to solve a puzzle and clear the level. Each level sticks to the storyline and keeps you interested. As the levels goes you may need to solve some puzzles by decoding some randomly scattered messages, matching the scrambled cards, tile swapping, etc. i.e. the hardness of solving puzzles increases as the level goes up.

This game offers you an option to use hint, for assisting you in resolving the puzzle but you cannot often use the hint. You need to wait until the hint recharges once you used it. You will be penalized if you select some wrong object in the event of solving puzzles. This game is more interactive and it offers various interactive characters which is an added advantage to the game. The depiction of each chapter itself will give you clue to solve the puzzle say for example if you encounter a priest as character, Laura has to help the priest in finding the ornamental cups. It’s all just logical reasoning which empowers your IQ.

If you really love detective games then you will surely enjoy this game.  It doesn’t have any nasty advertisements in the game to interrupt a good gaming experience. You will never get bored in solving each chapter of the game. The dialogs of each character involved will express the story line well and it will make you enjoy every second of the game. You have options to let your friends know about the game achievements in various social media network like Facebook, twitter, etc. You have various other options for adjusting the volume of the game and it doesn’t interrupt or crash when you are on calls. You can very well continue the game from where you left, after attending the call.

The only drawback of this game is, it doesn’t have a tutorial or help menu to understand the game features. It doesn’t have any menu which explains what you need to do. This feature can be improved in future release. Other than this I would say this game is value for money and entertainment.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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