We people depend on smartphones for almost everything. There are so many approaches to help you quit and minimize the alcohol you drink. You might be wondering if there is an app for that. Yes, there is one best app to assist you with your drinking habits and make a progress in life. It gives you peace of mind completely free of charge.

Given by Alcanon LLC, Drink Agenda is a ‘Health and Fitness’ app that helps you stop drinking completely. It assists you to cut back or track your progress and make you look different about the concept of drinking. Alcanon publishes information to assist all those who want to monitor their drinking and comes with software to help manage the process the easier way. 

Using Drink Agenda, users can manage their relationship with alcohol. They can set goals, count their drinks in seconds each day and discover the new methods they can use for controlling the drinking habit. The app comes with an Agenda of the Days, Reasons, Goals, Tactics, Reports and Account. 

The ‘Days’ page is where you can update your history of drinking. With the help of this, users can track the amount of alcohol they consume each day. Users can use the counter on the screen to tap or click on the daily count. Under the ‘Reasons’ section users can keep track of their motives so that they can quit alcohol. According to research, thinking and penning down is an important step that alters the way we think about alcohol.

On the ‘Goals’ page, people can set their goals like losing weight, non-drinking days and weeks, stop times, sobriety etc. ‘Tactics’ page help manage your strategy to drink in moderation or quit. Users can make a list, order or reorder them, mark the favourites by getting ideas from this web. ‘Reports’ page helps you analyze your past and see how you could progress in the future. It helps you track the drinks you had on a day, week or month. The ‘Accounts’ Page manages your complete data and billing information.

The team is open to suggestions and feedback and you can contact them at contact@alcanon.com. Drink Agenda is available for free on the web where you can track and export data and access it from iPhone, Android and Mac/PC. There are no ads displayed and all the information about you is safe with them. An Android version of the app is available on the Google Play store. Very soon we can expect the team to release the paid premium version of the app. 

Drink Agenda is a complete solution for all those who want to quit drinking.