Analytics has become an essential part to take care of for a website owner. You can’t ignore it at any cost and if you do, then you’ll lose all the cost you spent on your website. That’s so because nowadays there are so many websites and the competition level has rose up to such an extent that you’re left with a very small share of all the customers related to your field. So if you’re already getting just about 10 percent (which is far more than reality) customers who visit your website, then you’re left with very small margin of negligence and losing more of them. But having analytics alone can’t help you. When a customer contacts you with some query related to your website, you should be ready with the answer. But for that, you need some information about the client as well as his visit to your website. That’s what we get with ContactMetrics.

ContactMetrics is a web based application which focuses both on customized contact forms and analytics problems. Google Analytics is the most used solution as it’s free and covers most of the premium features as well, but still it’s unable to link you directly to the client. It does its job on its part but there’s a need for a connecting link so that you can use the analytics data in the perfect manner.

Let’s see how ContactMetrics works: Suppose a client contacts you with a query asking about the best product of your website in a certain category. Then without any information about the client, you can’t decide if he’s looking for something expensive or good value of money. If you answer him with another question to elaborate it a little more, then the client is already lost. So you can’t proceed that way. But with ContactMetrics, what you can do is take a look at the client activity recently on your website and check out the pages where he spent most of the time. That’ll give a good insight into the mind of the customer and you’ll be ready with a better response which might finally convert a potential customer into a customer.

Now, how’ll you be watching all those details about the customer? Then it’s all available in the contact form itself which you can customize as per your requirements with the drag-and-drop form builder very easily. Then just embed the contact form and tracking code on your website. So whenever you receive such a mail from any visitor, it’ll be containing all the details like his/her email address, all the different pages he visited along with time spent on each page, his/her location, web browser being used, etc. It also helps you to prevent any spamming in case your customer is asking for some products available for US market only, who himself is living in Europe. So, now you won’t have to check the analytics separately as it’s all connected and you can use the technical tools at the very best.

The website is still under beta and therefore everything is available for free. Just sign up with your email address and you’re ready to use it.

Pros: intuitive drag-and-drop builds of contact form; prevent spamming; more leads; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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