Whenever you own a website, you do not expect everyone to look for it unless you’re dealing with a famous brand like Coach, Guess or other clothing, shoe or accessory lines.  With Kick Off, you are able to create great landing pages with little effort in order to broaden your list of clients and possibly find one that really makes your item famous.  It gives you the option to design your landing page because the brand is what the creator defines and not everyone can get that feeling and transform it into a good landing page.  As with any domain you have, you get a list of people who enter your website and their country.  With Kick Off, you can use that as you advantage to appeal to their kind of taste in order to keep them coming and recommending your brand to their friends.

KickOffLabs ( Viral Landing Page Creator ) also notifies you how the traffic has been doing in your page which is, in other words, a visitor counter that records daily highs and lows throughout each month with easy graphs which help you share your thoughts.  There is no need to have any knowledge to develop your own site because Kick Off already has the templates.  Every website will be unique because of the many options that are available from Kick off.  All you need to do is click on any section of the website to edit what you want others to see.  Apart from having people coming to your website repeatedly, you may also want to give them offers or notify them about daily specials as an incentive to spread the word.  You would notify them through email, which is easy to send and you get to save them as templates, so that everyone can get the same email.

If you have a hot or new item, you can also add Facebook and Twitter links to have them share the item to their friends and family members.  Kick Off often works really well with Google+, LinkedIn, GoogleAdWords, WordPress, Google Analytics, Mail Chimp and Kissmetrics.  The list just keeps getting bigger along with the features that you can find on Kick Off only.  With over eighty thousand leads and over twenty five hundred customers, you can make sure that Kick Off works.  In fact, Kick of Labs has started to earn a crowd because they’ve been featured on INC., Geek Wired and E-junkie.info as well as other websites that promote small businesses.

As for pricing, Kick off labs offers three plans, each has limits on the amount of landing pages you can have.  The Plus, Premium and Max plans have one landing page, five landing pages and twenty five landing pages respectively.  Picking one out depends on how big is your business and the features you will be getting from Kick Off.  The Plus plan has no newsletter, edit SEO, Google Analytics, or headers.  The Premium and Max plans only differ with the number of landing pages and newsletters, and they have the same exact features.  The Premium plan is worth twenty dollars a month, while the Max plan is worth fifty dollars a month.  Each plan includes viral sharing through the social networks, import and export of customer data, analytics, unlimited customer sign ups, email notifications and auto-generated responses in order to save time and money.  All of their plans include customer support if you have any doubt, question or suggestion for improving Kick Off.  Sign-ups are absolutely free and there is no credit card information asked once you sign up at Kick Off.  So try the application out before actually spending some money into it.

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