Have you ever wanted to set a reminder for your Christmas holidays? If you have answered yes to that question then Advent Calendar 2013 is the app you are looking for. It’s a pretty cool app which has a countdown to remind you that Christmas is nearing. While you are waiting for Christmas to arrive, it gives you time have some fun daily by throwing you some cool gifts in the form of games and some cools apps. It gives a complete Christmas feel right from the time your finger touches the app. It’s integrated with game center of iPhone. It’s a Super cool Christmas themed Game calendar app. It gives you surprise gifts everyday when you complete the game.


The theme of the app includes a steep snow fall which depicts the typical Winter season. The amount of snow flakes fall will increase as the days goes on and when it’s nearing Christmas the snow fall is heavy. A perfect design is always important for any applications and this app is perfectly designed for Christmas season. You have to start using this app from December 1st and till December 25 to receive cute gifts. You have to wait for the next day to unlock the games & gifts of the next day. It’s designed so as you have to knock different doors each day to unlock cute games and apps.

It gives option to share your miracle gifts with your friends through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also you can share it with your friends through email.


The app is designed especially for December month. You have option to challenge your friends via Facebook & Twitter and you can keep track of the scores. This app has a cute tutorial which will give a brief introduction about how to use this app. The tutorial is very interactive and it really helps to know the purpose of the app. You have option to turn on the Music & Sound FX, yes they have some cute jingle bells and Christmas songs running in the background to keep you entertained in this app. You have option to send feedback about this app and if you have any opinions or if you find any issues with this app you can easily report it using this feedback feature. They have an option to view their other apps which has a similar cool features.

Wanted to hear some annoying facts about this app? yes every app has it’s pros and cons including this app. Like every other app in the market this app also begs for review, Yes it prompts you to leave a review while you are still exploring the app. Also other issue I have observed is their server overloads very quickly and you will get an error which will prompt you to return back later. I feel they have to improve their server load capacity.

Other than these few facts it’s really a cool app to get you into the Christmas mood. It’s a must Download app if you really love to ride on Santa’s reindeer along with Christmas decorations.

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