Do you own a product or service? Do you need to monitor how people are talking about your company on social media? If so, you need a special tool. One such neat tool that the users are using of late is the Notifier. It has helped people discover the keywords they care about when being mentioned online. People can respond to opportunities to market their product without much ado. 

Notifier is a powerful social media monitoring tool. It allows users to generate leads and market the product. The app allows for Social Listening so that users won’t miss the opportunities they care about. It helps them monitor social media so that they can get valuable feedback about the online brand and what they have left behind without listening. It monitors keywords and mentions across different social media platforms. Whenever a user mentions a brand or product on the Internet, Notifier intimates about it and helps fix any bugs about the brand or product. 

It would be the right chance for users to learn what is being done wrong so that they can correct it and come up with the perfect alternative. Users can also be aware of the mention of their competitors. In this modern world, social listening is more accurate and honest than any other method of surveillance. It assists users in knowing when the brand, product, competitors or customer feedback/suggestions are mentioned in the social media. The app delivers you the notifications in less than a minute so that you can be on par with the social media mentions in a shorter period. 

Notifier is an awesome tool that is an alternative to Google alerts. The searchers of this app are extremely accurate and the users will get notified when new Google Search Results come up for a keyword they consider the most. The searcher then visits the URL and extracts the content from the page. Users later run it through the filtering process which assists users to get the results relevant to them. This would have been the perfect time for discord to chime in and let the customer know they are listening to feedback.

Notifier brings into notice when your brand is being mentioned in any of the following platforms: Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Hacker News,, Any RSS Feed, Google Search, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora and Facebook. Pinterest, Baidu, Bing and TikTok are also the other platforms that the Notifier tracks and brings it to users notice. The team of Notifier offers awesome user support. It enables you to maintain a rapport with the customer, engage with them and do a lot more. 

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