AreaVibes is a revolutionary new application where you could create your very own widget to add on to your website.  AreaVibes uses are aplenty; you could find out whether a place is great for living by weighing the cost of living, Crime Index, Education, Employment and other factors. They combine all these statistics all together to consolidate a normalized score which is based out of a hundred. By using this index score, you would be able to find out in general whether a place would be hospitable for you and your family to move to.

For example, I and my family are wishing to move to Idaho a long time ago. The website finds out about the situation in Idaho for me. It helps me construct an Index Score at Idaho based on the factors that I care about like the quality of healthcare, crime index and employability. This would help me make a decision on whether to move or not. The web app even has a full screen graph where you would observe the history of the index score and other factors and how the trend would be in the future. The web app even shows you the top 100 places to live; of course factoring in everything. This would be great for aspiring families who want to move away from the current state or city and wanting to find any place for your family.

The web widget where you could place it on your own personal site would also be great for your business. For example, if your business is situated in Oklahoma and you put them on your website, you would be able to entice your customers to move there if the index score of the city situated is good. The web app even has a twitter account, meaning if you have any immediate questions about their widgets or charts wanting to ask their staff, you could tweet them a message so as to put your mind at ease.

However, there would also be things to improve on for the website. One major flaw that I had spotted would be the lack of countries available; this web app is only available for states and cities in the United States, meaning that if I would want to move to Britain or a faraway place like Japan, I would not be able to find out more about that certain place. Thus, if AreaVibes would be consumer oriented enough, they should go the extra mile and implement a wider range of cities and countries. This way, the traffic to AreaVibes would certainly improve exponentially with traffic from all around the world to view and decide whenever a place would be holistic for their family to live in. AreaVibes should also include a top 100 places not to live in, so as to deter future home buyers from staying away from those places which would be very great advice as those places would be low in quality of health, high in crime index and cost of living, unsuitable for a cohesive living environment for you and your family.

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