If you are an avid reader or intensely passionate about your book collection or if your library has a major share of limited edition books, then now is the time to own up to it and establish yourself as the book freak since the Book Collector Connect is for book freaks like you. The Book  Collector Connect  is a stand-alone web app that lets you login with your user ID into your account from any mobile device, Mac or laptop.

It maintains a record of all the books that you have added to your database. Gone are the days of conventional libraries that occupy a chunky portion of your house. It is an age of futuristic, personal, virtual reading libraries aided by cutting edge technology applications like Book Collector Connect.

A simple Step by Step Guide:

  • The first step is to register yourself at the  site. Book collector connect site will provide you with a unique account of your own.
  • Next, log in to your account from any mobile device. You can also use your Facebook account to login.
  • View your Book collection or Add new books to your collection from your home screen. Also you can publish your list of books online (via a web link) or on Facebook or on Twitter.

Major facilitators that promote the use of Book Collector Connect Web Application:

  • After the 30-day free trial, a very nominal fee of just $19.80 can be paid to enjoy 365 days of Book Connector.
  • In the Add view, 3 tabs are present that enable us to view all books, books currently in our collection and books on our wishlist respectively.
  • These books can be sorted based on their genre, author, year of publication etc.
  • Favorite books can be added by just entering their title or ISBN number or by scanning bar codes. Complete book info can be added by default if appropriate settings are chosen.
  • You can share your wishlist, ratings and reviews with your friends and colleagues over social networking sites and ask for their comments and feedback.
  • Connector tools also include graphical visualization of the books’ statistics classifying the books based on their genre and author.
  • Easy to use graphical interface.

If there can be a more ingenious idea than the connector concept of collectorz, it can be achieved by the one-and-only think tank team of Collectorz.com that sits in Amsterdam. The Book Collector Connect is not only a web app that acts as an access point to the books database, but is also a Connector that can potentially connect all the book freaks out there.

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Web App Link :   Book Collector Connect