STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are very common amongst today society with the rampant sex industry booming. You can have STDs through many avenues, such as unclean syringes or unprotected sex with another individual with STDs. If you think you were injected fluids with an unclean syringe or just had a one night stand, the STD Risk Calculator would be perfect for you to erase your worries. However do take note; nothing is more safe than going to a doctor and getting a real test of yourself done. The STD Risk Calculator only helps you calculate the risk factor of you getting STDs but does not really prove that you have any STDs or not.

The device is very easy to use. You would just need to key in some of the answers that would be need for the questions provided by the Calculator. For example, the android app would ask you about your age, gender, and sexual orientation. The android app would also ask the same about your partner. The calculator would also be helpful as it would enquire about your partner’s health; whether he or she had HIV, Syphilis or Herpes and any other sexual disease before so as to calculate your risk more accurately. It also specifically asks about whether you had used a condom during the sex or not; which would help as it would detail to you about your results in the end of the calculation.

STD Risk Calculator use high scientific methodology to calculate whether you are infected or not thus allowing you a safe peace of mind if you have passed. The User Interface of this app is also very easy to use, where they had used a very simplistic style where anyone would be able to use the calculator even for the most uneducated guidos.

The statistics at the end of the question asking are very important, with many charts for your pleasure of reading. The android app would kindly provide the user with a vibrant graph, detailing the many STDs that you are susceptible to, with the bars showing the chances of you getting that particular disease. For example, for my case, it details me getting Herpes at a very high rate but HIV is a non factor for me. It would also help detail your partner’s particulars, stating the diseases that your partner is suspiciously infected with.

The app also is a great help as it would give you information about the sexual disease that you have the highest chance of getting, allowing you to gain more general knowledge about that disease. The App also provides you a summary of your mitigating factors; which are the ones that would help mitigate the aforementioned disease. All of these information would help you make a smarter choice in your future sexual escapades and what to do if you are unfortunately infected with an STD.

The STD Risk Calculator also provides a great video, explaining on factors and details on the usage of this great app. The video is very informative and it is for those who has no idea about how to use the app.

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