Not everyone we come across in our daily life would have wondered how they would look if they were an emoticon! But having raised this question, now it seems to be quite an amusing thought and makes people wonder if their emoticons could actually look and resemble them. Well, the world of emoticons is in the phase of a revolutionary transformation with the release of the MEmoticon ios application by SurFace Apps! Everyone loves emoticons and they have paved their way into the world of text messages, emails, letters, televisions, etc.. Until now, most emoticons have resembled each other! But now, MEmoticons enable people to use their pictures and faces as emoticons which seem to be the best way to express oneself in today’s virtual world!

The application is a pioneering and novel change that takes emoticons to a whole new different level. It is an ios app in which a person’s picture/photo gets morphed into different emoticon styles that are widely used and recognized by people. The preliminary app lets people to convert their faces into a happy smiley, a sad one or an angry face. In order to make the experience truly realistic, the angry face actually turns the picture pink!

A number of features have been built into this application so as to promote usability and speed to people. The application automatically crops pictures, allow people to copy and paste their emoticons directly to chat windows and also share their emoticons on social networking websites. MEmoticon recommends using pictures taken straight faced and directly looking into the camera. Since the purpose of the MEmoticon is to make the face, it is better if the photos have no expressions and taken on a neutral base. The application requires certain instructions and guidelines to be followed to install the app which are very simple and easy to follow.

  • Functions and integrates well with pictures taken on the iPhone camera or from the photo library and facebook albums.
  • Auto crops photos using face detection which can also be manually adjusted.
  • Internet connection is not necessary to transform the photos into emoticons.
  • It is possible to copy and paste the MEmoticons straight into SMS chat.
  • Easily shares MEmoticons through SMS, FaceBook and Twitter.
  • It can be easily customized for each person’s needs.

All these aspects means that the application will be able to perform a quite a convincing job in making the emoticon look as similar to the face as possible by tweaking and also making sure that your face is perfectly circular! This might turn out to be rather a scary emoticon and would not be such good idea while trying to lure your girl/guy!

MEmoticon is definitely a good light amusement and with the promise of newer and broad spectrum of smiley in the future, it does provide good value for the $0.99! However, due to its novelty and people still not completely used to it, the images brought out by the MEmoticon are considered slightly disturbing and unsettling. But, it’s only a matter of time until everyone gets transported to the smiley land!

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